[DaC] NecroLust 2012年11月5日下午4:08
Any Mutiplayers?
Anyone out there?
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thesergent 2012年11月7日上午6:04 
my multiplayer is bugging so i can't play this awesome game on the internet
[DaC] NecroLust 2012年11月7日下午8:03 
Anyone able to have matches can tell me the avrage amount of players are on?
SilentZ9 2012年11月20日下午8:55 
im on multiplayer alot looking for ppl lol
add ~silentz9~
[DaC] NecroLust 2012年11月21日上午9:24 
When Chrismas sales come I want to snag this game again, got it on the 360 it was stolen, loved the armory.
Escapist Games 2012年12月22日上午5:53 
yeah played on xbox thinknig of buying it now
AaronIsTheOne 2012年12月22日上午6:13 
do it! 75% off
Kyirtis 2012年12月22日下午3:17 
i want to play too...
countryboy451 2012年12月30日下午2:46 
i play on here, no one seems to play it online though? i check back everyday, no ones ever on thoguh
Opiu18 2013年1月8日下午1:27 
willing to play this on multi
Kyirtis 2013年1月8日下午1:45 
I had 1 game !
[DaC] NecroLust 2013年1月8日下午6:42 
countryboy451 2013年1月8日下午6:58 
if anyone wants to play this, i can add me on here as a friend and message me when u wanna play
Deathmingler 2013年1月9日下午6:55 
I had it on the 360 as well, and for $10 I'll definitely get it again.
countryboy451 2013年1月9日下午7:33 
well if u do please add me as a friend and mesage me mate
ZiLent 0f Hunt3R 2013年1月11日下午2:31 
the multiplayer on xbox 360 and ps3 has gone down and i loved this game!!!! wondering how multiplayer works on pc? is it still up? and if it is how many active players are out there, i mean cmon this game is amazing!
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