☺RUBIO☺ 2013年4月18日下午4:33
HELP please ): cant run the game wont start
hey i need help...i used to be able to start this game up but now i re installed it and when i click it starts but then before the game fully open a white screen pops up...and the game crashes.. what can i do to run the game :/
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Toughgamer03 2013年4月18日下午10:24 
try this:
hope it helps:
right click steam aplication icon>properties>compatibility>privilage level>tick administrator option>apply>ok...
this idea is applicable to steam version games preferably
☺RUBIO☺ 2013年4月19日下午1:51 
if you are asking for me to run it in administrator i already tried that.. nothing
Toughgamer03 2013年4月19日下午11:16 
may be some installation issues...may be some missing files softwares etc..
Toughgamer03 2013年4月19日下午11:19 
wait a minute...do u hav steam version or non steam...if non steam,then apply both the two patches
Toughgamer03 2013年4月19日下午11:22 
try installing on other computers
Toughgamer03 2013年4月19日下午11:22 
also update ur graphics diver...can be a graphics issue
Toughgamer03 2013年4月19日下午11:23 
try and try untill u succed...all the best...im ready to give a reguler company in this game
☺RUBIO☺ 2013年4月21日下午6:07 
how do you update the graphic drivers?
☺RUBIO☺ 2013年4月21日下午6:13 
nvm i checked..its all up to date
Toughgamer03 2013年4月21日下午8:36 
sorry...i dont know much about it...thats what i know and could suggest
☺RUBIO☺ 2013年4月22日下午3:36 
its all up to date
Toughgamer03 2013年4月24日上午7:25 
may be u need to try some other pc or other internet connection
Toughgamer03 2013年4月24日上午7:26 
may be u need to change your router settings
Toughgamer03 2013年4月24日上午7:26 
try and try untill u succed
.. 2013年7月17日下午8:49 
I bought this game 3 years ago and never got it to work. I have the same problem as you...
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