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Goonie 2012年11月10日 3時47分
Please remove that password nonsense
I want to play the game, not mess around with email and password and stuff.

This is just one more example of why I feel betrayed by the publishers as an honest buyer. I pay more than if I would use a torrent to download the game, and get punished for this because I need to mess around with DRM that pirates do not need to care about.
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Player Review 2012年11月10日 18時26分 
Agreed. I paid for this game and I feel the login system for an offline game is basically encouraging piracy. We shouldn't have to put up with that. But, as usual - legit gamers get punished.
Moonshadow 2012年11月17日 2時18分 
I agree, the obscure login system is crap!!
Team Coco 2012年11月17日 23時06分 
I agree. Can't even get in because they don't send me an activation email (and yes, my email is spelled correctly)
LudvickToba 2012年11月23日 10時40分 
@Castiel Me too, I just bought it today when it was on sale, but they didn't send me my activation email. Why do they make you make a new account anyways?
NighT WolF 2012年12月22日 4時22分 
Wanted to buy the game right now. Good thing ive read this here before. They wont see a single cent from me until they remove the login crap. :x
Rathskellar 2012年12月25日 17時45分 
To the community monitors, this thread made the decision for me as well. I will not be buying this game as long as it requires a login system on entry.
While we understand that you want to prevent piracy, DRM is having the opposite effect - we don't want this kind of inconvenience for a license we have spent the money to purchase. Please respect that most of us want to play good games and support the companies that make them. Companies such as Stardock have demonstrated that completely free DRM products are viable.
As one of the users who voted to greenlight the game, I am disappointed.
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Holo Who nobody likes 2012年12月31日 13時59分 
ught bought it a wile ago wen it was on sale and just got around to trying it now. i hate myself for not reading the forums before buying it.i hate the fact the thing has no reset password for your e-mail(wasted a good 5 minutes trying to find the website to reset it sense i apparently already made one). i hate online DRM for single player games in general.
Deirae 2013年1月1日 2時09分 
Glad I read this before buying it.
darknessviking 2013年1月1日 4時23分 
agree,i wont buy this either. i mean,the game is on sale NOW,but the person handing out the codes are probably sleeping after new years eve and wont be back at the office for several days, so = no codes ..
EvilWayne 2013年1月1日 5時20分 
Dang. I was just about to snag this, but not now.
Schnurri 2013年1月1日 6時06分 
Thanks for the warnings!
IndigoAK 2013年1月1日 6時20分 
Agreed. Been waiting for this to go on sale, but it looks like waiting for naught. =/
An0maly33 2013年1月1日 8時08分 
Yep, was on the fence since it's on sale. Steam is already a form of DRM that's completely unintrusive to the user. Devs are losing money for adding their own redundant DRM. The fact that generally this game got mixed reviews anyway means I'll be staying away. For such a low price I still might have tried it, but I'm not going to pay money to be infuriated.
Sandman 2013年1月1日 8時14分 
I will refrain from buying this game as well, because of the DRM. Thanks.
ChunkyMonkey 2013年1月1日 8時32分 
I totally sympathize with the inconvenience and in fact I won't buy the game now. But someone mentioned how things like this justify piracy. I don't think stealing work of other people through online piracy is justified, especially since they are a poor indie developer.
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