Sgt Phantomizer 8. lis. 2012 v 10.00 odp.
Stuck with Ending 1?
I started doing the speedrun for the other achievement when i accidentally met the requirements for Ending 1 and i finished the game with that, which i believe triggered by not getting close to a ghost near the door leading out of the Sawmill after the ritual with the dagger?

Anyways, during this run i made a save right after entering the Saw Mill which i reloaded to continue working on the speedrun, i guess i didn't bump into the ghost because i got stuck with Ending 1 again. No biggie, i reload again, this time i make sure to bump into the ghost....but got stuck with Ending 1 AGAIN.

Am'i missing something here? or should i just start a new game from scratch?
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Kouen Hasuki 9. lis. 2012 v 2.34 dop. 
You will have to start from scratch it seems
Lucathegreat 4. pro. 2012 v 10.32 dop. 
Lol, I'm also trying to do the speedrun, but no matter what I do and how many times I restart it, I keep getting ending 1 and that stupid lever in the storeroom. Tried deleting all the saves, verifying the cache, nothing works. Jesus Christ, what a bugged game.
Zoreslav 5. pro. 2012 v 5.08 dop. 
ten attempts, always the first final (
[dotto] 6. pro. 2012 v 6.08 odp. 
I think you have to trigger some events by examine some items so the lever doesn't show.
In another topic is said you have to trigger a black ghost event before you unlock the door to store room
Naposledy upravil [dotto]; 6. pro. 2012 v 6.10 odp.
Sgt Phantomizer 6. pro. 2012 v 6.19 odp. 
I read about that particular ghost, i triggered him and went up to him....still the lever appeared. That's why i gave up.
Il Lello 10. pro. 2012 v 1.07 odp. 
I think you should examine the oven, then a mannequine on fire will pop up and then do your stuff to trigger the ghost and run to him and you should be fine
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