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WTH! Can't find the damn heart!
I've played this game 5 times and every time I get into the storage room I can't find the painting that suppose to be on the wall. Has anyone else encountered this problem? I've gotten one ending and because I can't find the painting its preventing me from getting the other 2 endings.
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I read somewhere that you have to encounter the shadowy figure supernatural event for the painting to appear.
how do you encounter the shadowy firgure 0_0
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how do you encounter the shadowy firgure 0_0
After entering the room with the puddle, go to where the floor hatch is and a black figure should be there. The movement keys should be turned off for a bit, where all you can do is look around.
Also want to point out, if the painting is missing as well as the lever in that room, you got a bug. Try finding the shadow first by going to the pond and leaving right away before the leaves puzzle, that should help.
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Me too.
I can't find this damn black figure.
Does it only work the first time I enter the puddle room?
I have found that it tends to show up only if you examine the note by the door you enter the room in.
Here's the thing, if you witness enough 'paranormal events' after you enter the house, you will first hear a tapping noise which can be mistaken for something small-ish scurring along the floor then, a few seconds later, you will get a message that says something along the lines of "what's happening to me?" and that you're feeling weak, and whatnot. You will pass out, and when you wake up, all the lighting in the room will have gone red. You need this 'red vision' in order to see the drawing with the heart in it.

Take your time, and don't rush it, examine everything you can. You may notice, also, that when the painting is there, the lever is gone, so, no need to worry about accidently doing ending 1 again. Just, be warned that you still have...what?...half the game to go maybe?

Hope this helped and good luck :)
Thank you so much Sebry, this was actually the whole problem why I got only ending 1.
Before solving the leaf-puzzle with the eyes, walk around the rooms for a while (no examinations needed afaik) until a chant starts (there will be a sequence with a burning torso and your vision will switch to red as Sebry pointed out).
You can do everything up to the leaves, even triggering the red eyes in the painting, but if you rush that the lever will spawn in the stockroom instead of the painting with the kid. Also, be sure to encounter the dark shade-event (when you first enter the puddle room, turn back and walk up to the circle of candles that has appeared, then turn around a few times when you are unable to move).
Thanks, I was just about to ask about this too
It is quite like Sebry pointed out. In order to see the second or third ending, you have to lower your characters sanity level. You do this by allowing the paranormal events to happen. Do not rush through the game, walkthroughs will not help. Take your time, examine things several times, wander around, feel the atmosphere. There is a list of paranormal events but I wont spoil it for you. Find out yourselves.
After I completed the game first time with the 2nd ending and started it again to get the 3rd ending then I always ended up with the 1st one because I already knew what to do so I rushed. If you do it too fast and don't encounter any freaky things then you get the 1st ending
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