Anna - Extended Edition

Anna - Extended Edition

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happiecat Jan 3, 2013 @ 4:51pm
Why all the hate?
I mean I can come up with answers for this question (buggy, not scary enough, often illogical puzzles), but I think it basically achieved what it set out to do. Perhaps the game's purpose and the public's expectations simply didn't meet.

I get scared (relatively) easily, so maybe it really wasn't "scary enough" for everyone, but I feel like people were expecting different frights than the game offered. "Anna" is almost entirely about the atmosphere and the unknown. It doesn't want you frightened so much as unsettled. Watching an LP will ruin it for anyone because, yes, when you distance yourself from it, allowing someone else to be in control, it is not a scary game whatsoever (even for me).

As for the puzzles? I'll admit, the weird combinations of items are annoying but not totally out of the blue. My biggest annoyance was running around doing nothing for 20 minutes until I realized where the stove parts were (they were just too small and obscured to click on). There is, however, definitely a methodical way to figure things out without any help.

I guess I acknowledge that it's not a perfect game, but it achieved its intentions and I appreciate the fact that it was made by a very small developer.

Date Posted: Jan 3, 2013 @ 4:51pm
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