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Soldak Entertainment  [developer] Jan 17, 2014 @ 11:50am
DC patch 1.029
Version 1.029 of Din's Curse is now on Steam. Since the last official patch, the patch improves networking, optimizes a bunch of things, fixes a few memory leaks, and fixes a bunch of other small issues. Here's the full change list:

now handle dropping fragments of connect, connect response, and first server data much better
now save fragments instead of dropping out of order fragments
increased receive and send udp buffers from default to 100,000
increased max fragment start offset from 16 to 24 bits
no longer send client data before getting first server data
now limit first few frames data rate from server a little less (5000 instead of 2000)
now should handle packets that end exactly on the fragments size boundary better
added n_printMessageNames for debugging network stuff
changed PROTOCOL_VERSION to 28

fixed an infinite loop in some projectile skill stuff (Arkblade)
optimized local networking stuff some (5-33% speed up in tests)
changed from critical sections to recursive mutexes on mac (10-20% speed up in tests)
fixed a memory leak in Database::createDatabaseEntry
fixed a memory leak (small, continual) in ClientData::updateEntitiesToDelete
fixed a memory leak (small, continual) in Item::build
fixed hunter killed dialog
added ui_eventTextAlpha so that event text can be made more translucent (only available from console)
added Greenlight button for Drox
updated Inno installer (will hopefully fix some minor Win7 annoyances)

fixed a bug with network floating point compression with negative numbers (this is one of those how does anything work bugs)
capped max sounds to 64 on Macs
changed bindTexture to not change anything if already bound to that texture (DC)
now save monster rarity better (Bluddy)
fixed strongest monster defeated not working well after level 10 or so (Robrob)
fixed a collision issue in town7 (spacehog)
now achievements tell you how far you have gotten (SaturnGirl/Bluddy)
boss, unique, and legend Scarabus will no longer use their suicide attack (SaturnGirl)
game will now save while paused, but only once per pause (Manumitted)
ported status effect MustHavePower stuff back from Drox (Bluddy)
water will now turn to ice if hit by cold damage (Bluddy)
monsters that can't move are no longer affected by morale (Valgor)
can no longer donate to dead npcs (Caal)
monster heal, self fear, and ego weapons with friends are now marked as cursed (Manumitted)
should no longer banish people that are dead or already banished (DeathKnight1728)
added Demon War demons to ego weapon modifier that deals extra damage to demons (Valgor)
changed mana magic modifier from "of Force" to "of Excess" to fix a name duplicate (Manumitted)
changed "of Illuminati" to "of the Illuminati" (Manumitted)
renamed unique plate mail shoulder from Frostbite to Frost to fix a duplicate name (Manumitted)
changed vitality magic modifier from "of Stamina" to "of Endurance" to fix a duplicate name (Manumitted)
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pango Jan 17, 2014 @ 12:35pm 
I choose to believe for no real reason that this Din's Curse patch means that Drox Operative is about to get greenlit.
[SH] Koroshiya Jan 17, 2014 @ 12:53pm 
Could be a reason, anyway, bougth Drox last week on gamersgate during the sale and it´s another fine game and worth getting greenlit.
Ricky Jan 18, 2014 @ 3:25am 
Thankyou for updateing this great game. Thankyou!
I think we will give this a try next time we have a LAN Party. So hopefully this patch will make things go smooth for us :)
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