Beseecher 2012년 11월 19일 오후 11시 40분
Don't buy this game.
I am a long time Doctor Who fan. Been watching since the 70's and I play a lot of games. This thing just ♥♥♥♥♥♥ me off over and over again. The controls are not very responsive and I find my sellf waiting for River all too often.
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Fine Italian Leather™ 2012년 11월 20일 오후 12시 36분 
Dr. Who went downhill after Tennant. I watched 3 episodes and the story lines are far too dark to enjoy.
[(@v@) HHWW] Smartyglasses 2012년 12월 3일 오후 11시 16분 
You all suck, your claiming to be Who fans and then you just gotta rain on the party. Go crawl in a hole.
Rusek 2012년 12월 4일 오전 5시 29분 
i like the dark stuff you cant have the emotional range of highs and lows if everything is candy and rainbows.
Shaddy 2012년 12월 22일 오전 10시 27분 
If you don't like it anymore why would you even bother posting about it?
Shatty-Buns 2012년 12월 23일 오후 4시 50분 
Being a Whovian doesn't mean you can't slam a game for bad controls and AI. If you defend these things then the next game under the Who banner released will have these again since people seem happy with them.
littlehexaneriplantlike 2012년 12월 26일 오후 6시 35분 
The game is alright. I'm so much of a whovian that I ignore the faults. DW will never be quite as good as it was with Tennant, but that's because HE'S DAVID FREAKING TENNANT! I preferred Davies to Moffat as head writer, but I still watch and enjoy the show.
Hypersapien 2013년 1월 7일 오후 8시 39분 
I like the game, even though they should have polished it a bit more before releasing it.

First thing they should have done was make the game pause while you are reading the minigame instructions.
Megabyte [RSSD] 2013년 1월 15일 오전 4시 13분 
that is my one real complaint too, Hyper....
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