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Nathanflanagan3 17 nov 2012, ore 12:54
London undergroud II not working
In the level london underground II whenever i help river song up a wall she just jumps straight back down and the doctor will not grab her hand to go up the wall plz help ??
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Alistair L 19 nov 2012, ore 21:36 
I've been having the same problem. It's a bug- you've just got to keep trying and hope it works. It may help to quit and restart the game.
Caitlin 21 nov 2012, ore 13:05 
Same issue present here too. Did you get past it in the end?! I'm at a loss... :(
Scur 28 nov 2012, ore 2:57 
I've tried for days off and on, and she always jumps down. It sucketh.
Scur 28 nov 2012, ore 3:16 
Ok, she reached down once after the third boost up, but it was too late, the cybermen got me. I didn't do anything different, just boosted her up stood there. So far I've got about a 1% chance she'll reach down.
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Nathanflanagan3 30 nov 2012, ore 0:42 
No i did not get past it in the end
Scur 2 dic 2012, ore 17:35 
I finally got past it after accumulating a couple hours of trying over the past few days, only to let the cybermen beat me to the door. Screw this, I'm getting my money back. I may be a Doctor Who fan, but playable games shouldn't be sold.
Vegithan46 26 mag 2013, ore 17:27 
I have had that problem a few times, but what's more annoying is when you lower the pipes and River doesn't jump on pipe or she doesn't lower it for you.
Koi Kai 19 giu 2013, ore 15:47 
That whole level seems to be glitchy. The puzzles never work half the time, and when I get to the big door, nothing happens and the cybermen ger me everytime.
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