Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock

Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock

Holsovan 2012年11月16日下午5:21
Elevator Glitch
Okey so im in trouble right now

in city streets 3 where your supposed to get out of the building with the cybermen

when i get to the doctor i try the elevator

but what happen, the elevator glitches out and just goes up down up down up down , non stop in a loop , sometimes river jumps and the elevator goes back to where it started BUT , because of this i cant get any further in the game

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eliure 2012年11月16日下午9:31 
i have that problem too
i also would like a fix
Communist Cocksucker 2012年11月16日下午11:29 
Same, it pisses me off
Oakreef 2012年11月17日上午4:07 
It probably won't help but it sometimes solve problems with other games:

Go to Steam, right click on the game and select properties. Go to the local content tab and select verify integrity of game cache,
dingBeep 2012年11月17日上午4:30 
I have a similar glitch, most of the time River can't move the elevator up. (I tried verify integrity, no fix there).
JohnSmith 2012年11月17日上午5:12 
Fixed it! try turning fullscreen OFF! It should be a bit glitchy still,but making it to the top anywho.
最后由 JohnSmith 编辑于; 2012年11月17日上午5:18
dingBeep 2012年11月17日上午5:17 
Yep, for me I had to reduce my resolution. fixed!
Holsovan 2012年11月17日下午1:54 
引用自 Kevin Van Dijk
Fixed it! try turning fullscreen OFF! It should be a bit glitchy still,but making it to the top anywho.



eliure 2012年11月18日上午12:30 
turn off dynamic shadows
Is the elevators going back down in the office building before the contrution sight a glitch also?
Azazel 2012年11月19日下午10:42 
steam should look at fixing this because this happens to me all the time
I have something similar happen when I first went to that office building. After about 30 times of trying (between game sessions) I finally got past it, but then I went back as River when you have to escape the Cybermen, the elevator goes up about half, then back down and it keep doing it every time I try. I haven't able to get past it. Any help?

And I also have all my graphics on low settings and have verified the files.
最后由 Masson Deus Ex Machina 编辑于; 2013年4月24日下午5:53
General Skittles 2013年6月16日上午11:05 
the only problem i had with this elevator was figuring out how to make it go up and down. it took me a year. the only thing i can say i s when you get to the level you want jump off
Sébidoise 2013年7月13日下午1:22 
I have this problem too. I just quit and relance the game few times and that's works fine
The Paladin 2013年10月13日下午9:11 
Go in the elevator with river, when you are in it Press W or S to move up and down
pogun1 2013年12月30日下午3:58 
I tried Oakreef's thing with the verify integrity and now the game wont start up!
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