Talaith the Wild 2013年6月27日 16時12分
glitch when trying to beat the cybermen in the underground
Is there a patch or something which wll stop River from jumping back down when climbing the walls? It always happens on the second wall. If I manage to get further the next two walls are fine, just that second one, where instead of hanging her arm down to pull the doctor up, she just jumps down again. I have tried loads of key combinations but it only suddenlyworks if I get mad and bang loads of keys. This delay stops me getting to the doors before the cybermen and is totally irrritating! Is it easier if I plug in a game controller?
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Tausret 2013年6月28日 7時19分 
I have the same problem. River jump back and i try again press E and then, when River at last hanging her arm down, the doctor dies in this moment under cyberman fire. I think, it must be a bug.
I have Win8, 64 bit and use mouse and keyboard.
Please help.
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