Pcm979 2013年1月30日 15時24分
The Daleks coded this game...
To make people become as twisted with hatred as they are.

I'm not even talking about the bugs, like River's AI or blocked passages or events that don't trigger. I'm talking about the fact that this is the only game I've ever gotten that somehow manages to simultaneously crash to black screen, tank my framerate even when I've shut it down, and sever my internet connection until I've restarted. This is from someone who just played DmC all the way through with almost no problems on exactly the same system.

I've never seen anything like it, and I haven't heard any reports on it either. What the hell's going on? Is it just me?
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jdonftw 2013年4月13日 15時57分 
I know, it's the worst! Not only does it crash my computer, but there are so many glitches that I can't even stand to play it. Plus, it doesn't save my game! I will get two chapters ahead, and then come on later to see that none of it saved. You'd think that they would check to see if the game works before they sell it.
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