Rich™ 2013年1月27日 17時43分
How long is the game?
I'm just wondering how long it would take to best the game, not looking for a speedrun just a normal time. Also is there a reason to replay the game, like playing ad other characters or stuff to collect, challenges etc.

Thanks :)
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thad 2013年3月2日 1時05分 
(Surprised no one else answered this.) There's an achievement for completing the game in under 5 hours. I got that, on Normal, on my first play through when I didn't know what I was doing. So... not a long game. Replay is to get collectibles and achievements.
Rich™ 2013年3月2日 7時34分 
Thanks for the reply. :)
pheonix125 2013年8月11日 12時45分 
took me 6 hours, pitty cos i want the achievment for under , but i was trying to get every acheievment not a speed run
ponycorns331 2013年8月20日 20時31分 
Aw man. I kinda wanted this but i only replay games if they're free roaming so you actually have stuff to do besides doing this or that. It might not be a good choice actually...
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