Sgt. Polaris 2013年1月1日 9時42分
The End?!
Does anyone know if there is a sequel yet? I just finished the game, and was treated to its horrible end. I WANT MORE!
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Nor 2013年1月1日 18時42分 
If there is going to be a sequal, it's not out yet.
Nope. 2013年1月3日 4時21分 
I don't even remember the end, that's how little impact the game had on me. I hope they don't release a sequel because it'll be just as awful.
Aysuna 2013年1月3日 20時52分 
There is suppose to be three games in total for this story arc from what I read about it.
bullet4578 2013年4月5日 20時50分
Sorry guys, guess we are stuck with that ending for now.
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