Windu77 2012年12月14日 22時50分
City Steerts elevator glitch
so i seem to be stuck on city streets the dang elevator won't go up to the 2nd floor and i've tried to mess with my graphic setting it didn't work can anyone help?
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TillsterRulz 2012年12月15日 4時53分 
You need to press the UP arrow key for it to work.
Eegxeta 2012年12月15日 7時03分 
It took me awhile to figure that out, too, but I still beat the game in 4 hours.
Windu77 2012年12月15日 9時19分 
i hit up it gose half way up then just gose back down real fustraiting
Windu77 2012年12月17日 13時30分 
can anyone else help?
Tìlunor 2012年12月18日 14時20分 
Have you tried messing with the screen resolution settings? Since I've heard that it's caused problems for other people.
Windu77 2012年12月18日 16時18分 
i did but it worked for one use then it stopped working
thedoctor680 2012年12月18日 17時11分 
the thing i trid is to torn off it then back on
Windu77 2012年12月18日 17時26分 
i did that too several times but it still only worked that one time
timsb32 2013年1月5日 6時35分 
anyone found a solution to this glitch yet?
crushedblackrose 2013年1月5日 7時44分 
Nope. Desperate to find a fix. Changing screen resolution hasn't solved it, nor hsa turning off and on again. Anyone with an answer, please share!
Windu77 2013年2月2日 15時10分 
so i found out recently it may have to do with graphics cards/drivers
crushedblackrose 2013年2月3日 9時53分 
I emailed BBC games support, they've suggested turning down the graphics/resolution and seeing if that helps. When I said it didn't, they said they'd pass it along to the developers for them to try and fix for us.
Alpaca of Life 2013年6月16日 2時34分 
Found fix for me. lower graphics to low
worked for me :-)
Alpaca of Life 2013年6月16日 2時43分 
Forget my last post
TheGamingRon 2013年6月30日 8時22分 
PLZ HELP ME ITS NOt WORKING FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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