jessabomb 2012年11月23日 18時39分
Doctor Who game not working :(
Im up to the bit after escaping from londons underground after the shocking the cybermen on the train tracks. I dont know where to go from there. I go right, invisible wall. go to the left into the building and theres a glass wall that I cant get through and the elevator wont go all the way up to the next floor and it doesnt seem to go down either. Please help!!
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jessabomb 2012年11月28日 23時36分 
thad 2012年11月30日 14時41分 
You should be able to go up to all floors, have you tried going up again? (And you do have the two of you in the elevator?)
jessabomb 2012年12月20日 16時20分 
Yes I tried many times. It gets half way up to the 1st floor and just goes back down. Yes both of us are inside. I even tried on a different saved file and it wouldnt work either.
Tìlukonfð 2012年12月23日 21時13分 
I've heard that changing your resolution to something else sometimes helps
jessabomb 2012年12月26日 21時04分 
Really? I wonder how thats meant to work :/ Ill give it a try though.
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