Total War Battles: SHOGUN

(GoR) Starosta 2012年8月29日上午10:42
Do You like this game.. Really?
Oh.. it is crap)
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Culgan 2012年9月6日上午9:33 It's an okay game but it's not very fun.
flyboyusaf84 2012年9月15日下午11:06 
Agreed, crap....... The only thing I like about it though is that a PC game developer has reached out to the iPad genre. Tablet/mobile gaming is no doubt an important development in the future of video games. I embrace and have bought this title on my iPad in the hopes that the developer will make more strategy games for the iPad in the future. As far as this specific title is simple and crappy. There is a treamedous amount of space in this market for strategy titles to grow, and I hope other Steam oriented companies take the que from Shogun....
Nodosa 2012年9月28日下午5:09 
i really love this game i know its not as great as other RTS games, this is simple and good game.
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Lobotomas 2012年10月31日上午10:28 
yes the game is piece of ♥♥♥♥ ..
IStarleeI 2012年11月3日上午5:40 
Yes, it is not the best game on Steam, but one good thing is, you get the Sendai Faction Pack DLC for Fall of the Samurai for free :)
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