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Foolish Mortal 2012년 12월 27일 오후 11시 36분
Game won't even launch
Every time I click to open the game the key window pops up and tells me to copy it to the clipboard and then my screen goes black and blinks a couple times and goes back to the desktop. Getting frusterated really wanted to play this game :\
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Panora 2013년 1월 17일 오후 1시 11분 
Exactly same issue here for me!!
Orc King 2013년 1월 19일 오후 6시 22분 
I got the game today and had no issues in launching and playing it (hopefully this keeps up though) - so far no notiable glitches and I'm loving this game (though I'm only 60 minutes into it)
Zoron19 2013년 1월 22일 오전 5시 32분 
I fixed this error by going to the "Manage 3D Settings" tab in the "NVIDIA Control Panel" and restoring the settings to default. Hope this helps. (You may need to restart your PC before this takes effect)
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