Shemsen Oct 31, 2013 @ 4:22am
Question about 360 controller
I bought the game yesterday and want to play it with my 360 pad. I can use the controller for all the actions as shown on the options tab. But is it possible that not all keyboard actions are mapped to the controller buttons?
I can understand that there is no 1-0 quickbar on the controller, so that I'm limited to use the LB and RB menus for the action skills. But I have the feeling that I'm missing some important features (like the menu you need to recover your friend from death). Did I just miss something in the (horrible) tutorial oder do I have to play with both gamepad AND keyboard? This would be no option since my PC is connected to my TV in the living room.
Would be very nice if someone who played this with a controller could help me out here :)