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Labandero X 2012年10月7日上午7:45
PC community active?
ey, just wondering, since im planning to buy SSIV for my steam i was just hoping that is the community of the pc version active?

i mean, the only reason im getting this version is for the online play. but i dunno if people still play this online? just asking thnx
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BigNerd 2012年10月7日上午11:27 
Yo. dont get plain street fighter, get Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition
Dzeeraajs 2012年11月11日上午9:26 
Is the Arcade edition better?
ShO 2012年12月18日上午7:57 
Yeah, is Better than SF4
More characters, more ultras, more stages... etc
CorvusCorax 2012年12月18日下午1:22 
I opened a channel to make sure I could be challenged while fighting against the CPU the other day. I was challenged by a user from Luxembourg immediately (I reside in Hungary). So, the community must be active; Europe-wise, at least. But completing the arcade mode with all characters can be, too, pretty challenging.
Soniqueta 2013年3月9日上午11:37 
Heya Labandero, I recently got both SFIV and SSFIVae and my first impression is that there is more online activity on the ae version.. GL..!!
hellparrot 2013年4月6日下午6:00 
yo tengo y estoy buscando contrincante
hellparrot 2013年4月6日下午6:01 
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