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Mad Max Jul 8, 2013 @ 5:26pm
BUG: Game stops after X turns
Reloading a save game doesnt help, it still stops at the same point.

Thanks Steam.
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Mad Max Jul 8, 2013 @ 5:45pm 
"Strandly 27 Oct 2012 @ 5:31pm
If you hit enter or press other buttons while it's the AI's turn.. that seems to be asking for a crash or freeze. I've also had an autosave straight up bug out. When I loaded it and hit enter to end my turn the game froze. I had to Control-Alt-Delte to end the program. Did it 3 times before I went to the previous autosave and was able to keep playing."

Happens to me without pressing enter, also happens at the exact same point in the game with previous/other save games.
^^o^^ BatCat Jul 8, 2013 @ 11:11pm 
If you re-load saves in game there is a chance of memory coruption. Save that coruption and it makes a mess.. The bigger/longer the more likely.

Simply, never do it. Quit, then re-start and pick a save to load.

Fairly common problem for any big complicated game..
Mad Max Jul 9, 2013 @ 2:17am 
I just tried that, didnt work, deleted all old saves, turned off auto save, auto login, set high priority in task manager, turned setting to low, exited completely, played till crash, loaded a quick save, same deal.....

On a latest i7 sli 680 24gb newest ssd.

Uninstall till/if ever they fix it.

Dont buy this game till then.
^^o^^ BatCat Jul 9, 2013 @ 2:56am 
Originally posted by Mad Max:
I just tried that, didnt work,

What? In my outline there is no "didn't work".

..and there is no need to off; auto save, auto login, set hi priority or settings to low. None.

There is something messing with your system. Like SLI try'n to run on the desktop. FE sets a "boarderless window" ..on the desktop. SLI does not like this. In this case you would need to force FullScreen mode (D3D) in the .ini as I did with my CrossFire setup six months back.

..or you may have problem with RAM, FE consumes more over time and may hit the boarder of a set of your sticks. Boot up -> ram test, uh, Memtest I think.

I have over 3,ooo hours in FE. 2,8oo of that in the current version. I think you maybe jumping a little too far and too fast..

Mad Max Jul 11, 2013 @ 10:17pm 
(re-installs game...)

correction 16gb, but thats 2x8gb sticks. tested both are mint.

ill try disable sli or just Fullscreen=1?

i was just saying i tried all the "fixes" i could find and none helped.

i think it was your fix i read that said just use quick save and no autosave. it still bugged out with quicksave,

but ive been playing almost a fullgame with no saving at all except a manual save via menu when turning pc off. no problems so far on big map but i lowered ai to 6 teams.

kinda fun playing without saving anyway.

^^o^^ BatCat Jul 11, 2013 @ 11:42pm 
Kinda like ironman style.

Its not the saving, but rather how you load'em. 8-0

It wasn't quick-save I was going on about but re-loading a game without quiting, and restarting.

The bigger, longer a game goes the more likely an "in-game reload" will corupt memory.
Save that a little later and there is no going back.

There are a couple of bugs YOU might stumble upon yet. The worst;
Exposing a city from shadow/FoW and then imediatly checking its details.. WaM.. buh bye!
If it has been hidden for 100-200 turns do not peek details. Expose it and leave for 10-20 turns then peek, if needs be.

In the "changel log" for the up coming patch it mentions that they fixed some bugs in the autosave.. which means WE still have bugs in it.

Me, I rotate 5 saves.. and the odd quicksave before I try something stooopid. B-)
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^^o^^ BatCat Jul 11, 2013 @ 11:58pm 
Originally posted by Mad Max:
correction 16gb, but thats 2x8gb sticks. tested both are mint.

ill try disable sli or just Fullscreen=1?

..mint is good, keeps breath fresh.

Set fullscreen 1, set use "Desktop res" 0 and write protect .ini, uh, set "Read Only", Make sure W + H are correct..
(tweak anything in settings and setings get reset to 1024x768, ugh.) = read only.

Mine are set to 5760x1200, for triples in Eyefinity, Just upgraded from CrossFire 5870's to single (so far) 7970 GigaHetz Edition. :)

This game is not hard on the GPU's and does not realy need the CF/SLI, I just hate to mess with them, but then I am using tripple screens and it did help some. On single screen, naw, don't realy need both, but then if you do.. usage will drop pretty low and they will never work hard or get hot. A good thing.
Aranos Jul 15, 2013 @ 2:00am 
There is an unreleased patch 1.4 that should fix a lot of crash problems (especially the reload bug) but they aren't releasing it since a few months...(FE: legendary heroes is the reason probably...)
They also said a few fixes from FE:LH will be backported but as with the patch: nothing new in the last few weeks...
So there is a patch but it probably takes a bit of time before they are releasing it (first patching up major bugs in FE:LH as normal FE is playable already).

But: with the latest (released) patch there shouldn't be many crashing bugs. And as BatCat said is loading the only major problem left (loading a save after starting the game is mostly bugless, but reloading a running game doesn't discard all of the old map and causes memory leaks). And as written already: Saving an already corrupted game is a really bad idea^^
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