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PerfectXtreme May 2, 2013 @ 1:50pm
Epic failure that made me uninstall and never go back...
Had no chance to lose a fight (manually) so I decided to hit the "fast forward" button and get it over with quickly. My primary hero started casting fireballs on my own troops. I didn't lose a single troop to enemy damage. The AI ended up using my own guy to kill off my entire army... I would have lost 0, if I had controlled it myself.

The AI in this is so terrible...
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^^o^^ BatCat May 2, 2013 @ 6:56pm 
I know of no spell that will take over a Hero at all, except a Witch MOD. Using that? No matter AI would not use it.

So, game was corupt. Using re-loaded saves without quiting on a long running game? Quite possible. Then begs the question; why not re-load again?

On autoresolve or fast forward the AI does not use "spell" suptilties. Only overall attack defence. So 9 hero mages vs 9 clubbers units, mages lose. A good use of thought out tactics would have YOU using clubbers in that senario. ..and can work with the dark wizard.

..oops my point for the autoresolve. AI will show the action with lead chars default weapons. So, in my example above you would see 9mage default hit 9clubbers clubs, clubbers hit back and win. It would be very fast and possibly clubs strike before fireballs fade.

Thier lead is placed next to your lead. ..in both cases the map layout is irrellavant, the two chars are placed together and effects run. Outcome tallied.

So, ya. We would see what you saw. In that case.
I think you might have jumped off that horse a tad too soon, maybe.

I had the exact opposite happen.

3 or 4 minor units escorting pioneers, 2 were familiers. My wee imp and vassel Sov Shadow Warg. The imp had 4 books of magic, alot of stuff at very low power. Got caught by Earth army. Rather, I dropped them in thier lap.

CloudWalked (teleport) them right to the edge of my property with zero moves left, right at that armies feet.

I wanted to play it out, just in case 1 of 4 pioneers could live. Use a couple for sacrifice if I had too. So played it. Moved all poi's to the rear and fiddled with the wimpy escorts. Realy looked like I might have a chance.. nope.

Was hopeless at the end and hit FastForwad, I'm outa here... What? Victory!!?! How..??

Closer inspection; the pioneers had +5 fire (fists?) and +11 defence (hidden in thier bra?). So thats +15 fire in each of 4 pioneer stacks. I had totaly dismissed them off hand with out looking, nor realising they came from THE main Fortress. Spat out with full +init'/fire/defence, level 5 HP, Charge and BloodThirsty.!! Not wimpy at all. Thier first move; 30 damage! (5+3+25%x3)

Quit. Re-loaded and replayed it with confidence. Wipped thier butts. Earth army standard layout has Earth Ele', 2 scags(?) with 3 and 1 shrill stacks. I had the 2 familiers, 1 of the snake things, 4 pio' stacks and Pancake archers stack. ..oops, sorry; Panca Archers. They are cute as pancakes and maple syrop. :)

Great fun..
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ChrisG May 3, 2013 @ 4:47am 
Fireball has a 4 tiles AOE .If your troops were close to the enemy it's natural that got hit.
^^o^^ BatCat May 3, 2013 @ 7:23am 
Originally posted by ChrisG:
Fireball has a 4 tiles AOE .If your troops were close to the enemy it's natural that got hit.
I figure he knows that but he mentioned it looked like his hero wacked his own guys..

Have a look at my message, the part "On Autoresolve...".

With mages vs clubs, clubs win.

The AI does not do the finer points with spells.

I should say "Hero Mages", the "Mage" UNIT is another story. Its fire staff would be consider'd in the auto mode and used for the wee "play out" -if- one was the lead (Highest Level) in that army. (or Hero with fire staff equiped.) ((The Furnace staff, from quests, would be consider'd a club))

On a side note, its 3 tiles across or "every one surounding 1 tile" for the Fireball spell.
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The last time I un-installed a game was in 2003
Originally posted by Mishka:
The last time I un-installed a game was in 2003
Mishka, Mishka, where's your smile
Full of enthusiasm and fire? xD
P.S. What was the game you uninstalled?
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^^o^^ BatCat May 9, 2013 @ 11:05pm 
This one I understood, he did not. Its a subtile thing.

Maybe he's not to bright, yet.

PerfectXtreme May 29, 2013 @ 2:37pm 
Very simple.

You click auto-resolve. Mage hero casts fireball or other massive AOE spells without checking for friendly fire. Blows up your own army. Unacceptable AI behavior.
^^o^^ BatCat May 30, 2013 @ 2:13am 
Originally posted by PerfectXtreme:
Very simple.

You click auto-resolve. Mage hero casts fireball or other massive AOE spells without checking for friendly fire. Blows up your own army. Unacceptable AI behavior.

..except, it never happens. There are no "Spells" in auto resolve. None.

I said that already.

There is a wee drama played out with the leads of each side when you hit the auto'. It uses the default weapon from each and sums up the final outcome. No fireballs, no freeze rays or lightning strikes from Spells. None.
If the default weapon has BurningBlade spell you would see some fire/fireworks or something similar with enchanted weapons. But no Spells.

Hero Mages with tons of power and spells are reduced to "simple clubs" that might have an enchantment on them.. vs ..real clubs and armour.

Mages lose. Its real simple and ment to be.

It tells you in game, Autoresolve should only be used for simple things.

Do experiment, load previous save. Take single powerfull mage, take away everything, weapons, armour etc. Now with olny his spell make'em fight something simple. A few Darklings, wolves, ogres or whatever.

Can't hurt himself with any AOE.. so what you going to see you figure? A handful of Darkings toasted? Nope.

In the autoresolve drama you will see Mage try to PUNCH thier lights out. No spells.

You might see some fire IF unit was trained in city with +fire enchantment. That extra damage does count in the summary. But Hero is not a unit.

Consider Pioneers, they have zero damage or armour ..except if they were trained in above city. "Aura of Might" and "Heart of Fire". ...fists of fire on auto'.

I won a battle I figure I had lost, gave up and hit the fastforward-auto resove. And I won. Surprise. What? Fists of fire!

+5 fire on each Pio' = 15 fire damage per unit. + 6 armour too. Turned the battle.
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Biskwik Jun 20, 2013 @ 6:31pm 
He he. I learned long ago playing rome total war, no matter how good the ods, never ever let ai resolve your battles.. You will always get screwed one way or another..
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