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jackeroo 24. bře. 2013 v 11.49 dop.
City Boundaries
i've somehow managed to turn off the lines that show the boundaries of my lands/outposts and the AIs... this is incredibly annoying xD, is there any way i can reload them

on a second look i appear to have destroyed all water and turned it into a sunken pit aswell :| dont know if linked paha
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^^o^^ BatCat 26. bře. 2013 v 9.11 odp. 
Try Advanced options, turn on city outlines..

The other; if a save/quit/reload does not fix it ..easiest way to fix it = nuke config file.
dox/my games/fe/ Prefs.ini

A restart will make another w/defaults.

Standard stuff buckeroo.. heh.
jackeroo 27. bře. 2013 v 6.20 odp. 
fixed it... not a blind clue how but thanks for the reply haha
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