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TehJumpingJawa Mar 16, 2013 @ 7:48pm
AI heroes using illegal skill combinations.
I just had Lord Markin surrender to me and become my vassal.
I had a look at his skills.....and found he had Strength twice![dl.dropbox.com]
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^^o^^ BatCat Mar 16, 2013 @ 9:45pm 
Who "said" they were illegal?

..as a single example; I like to build my 2nd and 3rd level archers with DOUBLE Charge and DOUBLE Blood Thirst. The units are "Designed" with one of each an Trained in a Fort with one of each.

..and no, the Archers don't actualy charge up and poke'em in the eye. The other half of Charge is +3 damage, which becomes +6 on thier First shot only ..then add 50% damage -if- the enemy unit is already hurt. Now -if- you can hurt all or most of thier units with an opening curse of some kind then -both- doubles are valid on thier first shot. So +6 becomes +9 and another 50% of thier normal damage. Some serious needle work for my ladies.

Then there is Level up pops for Heros and thier like; any unique trait they come with can be doubled. Not any of the "multi step" ones as they would just get step 2.

The trick with that is the AI, as it does not actualy "chose" at the Level pop. It just takes the top one on the list so it is rare to get a double and more likely to get klunky combos.

..and I'm not sure about that choice on the upper/crazy skill Levels, I suspect it "already has something in mind" at that time.

My doubles are risky and it does not always "hit" on the opening moves but they still have the 'Thirst for the rest of the battle. I rarely use the 3rd level Archers, top bow and all the jewlry (another +8 damage) is very costly, something like 100+ crystal for a 7pack unit (company?) ..but then those darlings put holes in mountains. So my Archer line might have one of these and 2 2nd's minimum, depending on how strong the mage&warrior front end is.

The real trick is the opening area damage, Oracle's/Death's "Dirge", Thunder Strike or a line or real fast monkeys with wee razors. Just a nick is all it takes and the Archers follow up easily hits for 150+.

I once had about 40 crystals per turn and 3rd level Archers took 3 turns to train.. 8-)

..man, I rambled on there but I can hear most of the other readers getting fresh ideas.

So many creative ways to be destructive.
Great fun..
Batcat, playing with Enchanters gets real disgusting with the archer trait.

I got a Convent up to 5 Essence with 400 production. Dropped initative and fire bonuses on the city so EVERY unit trained comes out with 5+ initiatve and 5+ fire damage. With the top tier bow (the archer trait), I got archers doing easy 170 damage per shot in company. And if you go with Bindings, you don't really need to train anything BUT horse archers. Using air elementals or fire elementals as blockers, it's actually quite possible to crank them out relatively quickly (especially if you have a Life archmage who for 80 mana instantly train 1 per turn). Crystal is crazy expensive at the company level, But an army with 3~4 of them can basically take out anything short of an Elemental Lord. Plus, since they rarely get into a fight, you can go light on the armor.

One really evil trick I found was using Beastmaster to take control of Great Wolf. The howl ability gives all allied units +X damage for the battle where X is the level of the Great Wolf. So I'm running around with my Sov, 4 of those Uber Archers, some Elemental Meatshields and an level 18 Great Wolf (tutalage and NEVER fight with him, run him to the back, howl and let him sit there the entire fight). 200+ damage isn't abnormal on unarmored/lightly armored enemies with the archers. And since they have 23 initative (trained in a 5 essence city), they basically almost always go first.

5+ Fire, 12+ Pierce, 18+ Howl (and rising), 3+ Fire (ornament), 3+ Cold (ornament) all times 7 is 287 damage.

Enchanters, Binding, Archers is a pretty decent combo.
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Originally posted by TehJumpingJawa:
I just had Lord Markin surrender to me and become my vassal.
I had a look at his skills.....and found he had Strength twice![dl.dropbox.com]

Not really. I've gotten offered strength when I already had it on a champion. Getting a common twice isn't "illegal."
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