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Great game, horrible UI
I really have to say Fallen Enchantress has captured my interest in a myriad of ways. I absolutely drool over the turn-based-rpg-meets-civilization mix. The customizable races, units, and characters open up a great swath of creative gameplay in a world with a Civilizations feel (IV or earlier...square grid with bloated advantage on diagonal movement).

The game is so fun for me, in fact, that I continue to play despite it's completely horrendous UI.

It's apparent in some places that the dev's made an attempt at multithreading, but slaughtered it like a mite at the hands of a bone ogre. Most of the time, I can't tell if the UI is lagging and something is about to happen, or if it really is idle and waiting for interaction from me. Yes, UI lag, the kind that leaves you wondering if the last 4 mouse clicks you just made will register somewhere, and if they will register where you thought the buttons were at the time...

Research popups occur at the most inopportune times -- usually when I'm about to do something rpg'ish like accept an item or deal with an event -- rudely interrupting me with a demand to reassign my research points, taking my mental context back out to the high level strategy level and making completely forget about that item I had just fought so hard for. Nevermind that I need to heal one of my champions -- research is more important.

And then there's my favorite: the optional grid enhancements that sometimes appear, sometimes not, when I'm trying to move around. You know, during a battle, when prompted to move a unit, you can't really tell which unit you're about to move because the highlighting on the grid is, well, gone. And when trying to move on the strategy map, the full square I'm trying to move to is no longer highlighted, so its a fun guessing game where to click to avoid being next to the dragon wandering around...

So all in all, I really love the game's concept. Absolutey captured a glorious mix of rpg and strategy all in one great bundle. I just wish they'd do something about the amateurish UI.
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EolSunder Dec 16, 2013 @ 7:55am 
yea its a decent game, but not close to perfect. The game is pretty easy once you learn a few things and you almost always can just run over any AI opponent at will. Theres a set number of city spaces, so if you expand and settle multple cities fast you'll take up all the room and the AI can't expand, on smaller maps of course. Hard for them to beat you when you have 5-6 cities up and they have 2 because there isn't any more expansion room. Plus once you pick the right traits for your armies they are unbeatable. Initiative to get the first attack in a fight, mounted units for more movement, and +3 move/attack on first turn guarantee your mounted units attack first every battle, can move anywhere on the screen, and can usually wipe out the entire enemy armies in the first round without being attacked back. Pretty much the goal of any army you build. Ranged units? lol please, why make up a sucky archer when a mounted unit can reach anywhere on the map, hit 3x as hard, and take 3x as much damage.
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