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Psymon² 2012年9月16日 15時15分
Painful ceiling things
What are they?
I recognise that the things on the floor are broken glass, and broken glass hurts.
But what are the things on the ceiling? And why do they hurt?
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Emcitement 2012年9月16日 17時13分 
No clue. I was wondering this too..
SmudgedCat  [開発者] 2012年9月17日 2時40分 
They're supposed to be broken fluorescent light tubes.
Bam191 2012年9月17日 8時41分 
It took me a little while before I reaslied they were broken lights. Initially I thought they were just part of the background and I was wondering why I was getting hurt from touching the ceiling :P
Psymon² 2012年9月17日 11時30分 
I was thinking they were ceiling lights from the shape, but they don't appear sharp, or hot, or electrified, or anything that implies they're damaging.
I was wondering this too. I thought it was just the background and didn't take much notice. I thought maybe the glass was on the roof, but they forgot to add the sprite there or something. Only later did I figure out it was those green broken lights.
thegevin 2013年7月16日 21時52分 
I thought they were upside down tables
Psymon² 2013年7月16日 23時50分 
I don't think it was green a year ago so I didn't notice SmudgedCat was involved with the game.
There's my answer then.
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