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tips for noobs
tip for today srceamers are in groups to defeat it you need to get it away from the group so you can kill it (make sure you have a shape wepon )
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Drawings Freeman Oct 16, 2013 @ 5:08pm 
Throwing weapons from a distance is great for screamers.
new tip when facing a ram get you rage up then when it chages go in to rage and its back
Los Torta!!! Oct 17, 2013 @ 11:55pm 
Whatever character you choose, your most effective weapon will always be universal,fire, and big axes, but only when trown, now swong. The hatchets work well, but only modified. Upgraded and non moded axes thrown will kill with one hit most of the time, and in DIR, throwing weapons does not wear them out. The best character to start the game with is Sam B, as he is the strongest and can take the most punishment, his rage attack is also the best. John Morgan would be a second best choice, as his kick and uppercut attacks are very effective, albeit knuckle weapons wear out fast. Logan Carter is a good all around character, not excellin in any particular area, except in the ability to toss the aforementioned axes at greater distances, and with boomerang skill, retrieve them automatically. Purna and Xian are both very weak and hurt easily, Purna is good later in the game when more guns are available, but her rage attack, even when maxed out, is not as effective against bosses in comparison to Sam or John. Xian is the absolute worst, she is physically weak and her edge weapons ability require lots of jumping or hitting enemies from behind, which seldom happens. The only positive about Xian is that she can run the farthest without getting tired, but as the point of the game is to build XP, you will not gain much by just running away from confrontations.
if your have a hard time at the city been coner by zombies use every route even if its long routes are sewers roof tops alley ways and cars
HenitoKisou Oct 18, 2013 @ 6:22pm 
You have 4 different class + one overpowered new character that is Practice mode. Default difficulty scale is as follows:

0 Practice/Very Easy - John Morgan, close combat and meele, martial arts and stuff, easy to level and use. Perfect for noobs from other games, almost shame to use him.
1 Easy - Tank Sam B, hard to take down, lot's of health and defense, murdering skills and weapons, blunt weapons. Perfect for beginners.
2 Medium/Normal - All in one average Logan, decent in everything, throwing specialist but can use other stuff, good as point man, initial abuse, then attack from distance.
3 Hard - Suport Purna - hard to start but once you master your weapons skills with little help of meele no one can touch you.
4 Expert/Very Hard/Insane - DPS/Assasin Xian - very hard to begin with, has no skill of other class, no firearns skills, no blunt skills, just blades but don't forget in Riptide you can learn others weapons and can be better as you use them. Remember this is wonderful unstoppable killing machine over all previous characters but learning to be proffesional with her is not easy. Once you admire and make good build Fury and Combat centric you are untouchable. Kill before someone kills you first, don't allow enemy to start attack or break your deffense as your role is do as much damage as possible in shortest time. Be fast like tiger, be painful like dragon.

Other advice: if Tank (Sam B) or DPS (Xian) is dead it's always Purna, Logan or John fault so don't let that happen, good teamwork is always fine perceived. ;-)
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Drawings Freeman Oct 19, 2013 @ 2:30am 
Each special zombie, Thugs, Floaters etc seem to be vulnerable to particular types of damage where something else might damage them far less. Eg Floaters are especially vulnerable to electrical damage from a grenade or a modified weapon. When you see something working or not working, remember it.

One Champion monster in Henderson goes down with a single hit from a Molotov where other things don't trouble him as much. Maybe that one's a bug.
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Drawings Freeman Oct 19, 2013 @ 2:32am 
Mines are tricky to use but can work great against Infected and especially the Boss Infected you find in Dead Zones. Trigger it's attack, place your mine and run in the opposite direction, it'll run right into it. You need to run fast or you will get caught in the blast.
Drawings Freeman Oct 19, 2013 @ 2:36am 
My only Ram technique is to trigger it's run then get out of its path by running at 90 degrees to its path. When it halts you have a second or two to swing at its back before it turns around. Rinse and repeat. Xian, who I play most, has a skill in her Skill Tree for extra damage when attacking from behind.
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Drawings Freeman Oct 19, 2013 @ 2:39am 
Look ahead in your Skill Tree to see what skills might suit your play style and work towards that. I play Xian the most and favour early health and extra blade damage then work towards the cloaking skill, Spectre, box opening for loot and XP boosts to help catch up on damage skills.

I put almost nothing into Rage, for no particular reason, but there will be twice in the game where you must use Rage so I put a little bit into speed and anti-knockdown for Xian.
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Drawings Freeman Oct 19, 2013 @ 2:44am 
You don't need to buy too much stuff and don't get too caught up in looking for Orange weapons. This isn't like Borderlands where a special weapon can make all the difference. Instead get 5 or so weapons that you like, upgrade and mod them so they last longer and sell everything else for game bucks so you can repair as often as you need. When you eventually loot a significantly better weapon keep it and sell your weakest.
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Drawings Freeman Oct 19, 2013 @ 2:45am 
Loot! Open every box and pick up everything you see! It all adds up and quickly takes the headache out of looking for resources.
i have played both dead islands and finsh both too so i have a ways of not geting killed 1: zombies will wait a hour untill your dead so if you were to hop on a roof still they would try and kill you so when this happens go f**king rager will them 2: if your hardcore like me and other players then you know every sound and movement of every undead f#%k face and every route like sewers 3: if your a guy that hates walking then no help here if you don't have a car
*****edtang Oct 21, 2013 @ 6:08am 
If you poison an enemy andthen hit it with any fire weapon, that enemy will catch on fire and lose a lot of HP. In most caees, that will be enough to either kill it or put it on death's door.
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