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Stamfordco 2013年8月2日 13時10分
dead island hacks
well people dont think hacks are fun because you do what you want
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Oddity 2013年8月2日 17時48分 
yeah dude
-{A★T}- My name is mud 2013年8月2日 19時25分 
cool story bro.
Stamfordco 2013年8月3日 1時09分 
HenitoKisou 2013年8月3日 3時21分 
It's the other way, people don't like blurred border between virtual and real, because when you force hacks against them you are intrusive, against their privacy and private zone or space, no matter if this happens in real or virtual. That way, every time you destroy their game experience and immersion, that make you inferrior and 'under' person because of that fact. Private zone and space rules applies the same no matter where it occurs, in real or virtual world so agressive and opressive behaviour won't be tolerated as normal or fun.

You may not believe this, but when hacked people wishes some hacker death, they are talking about person in reality, not in virtual, because private zone was breached on both planes and if their will is strong enough, like curse, that person is fated to die. So think twice before you do something which you think only as fun and not real because someone, somewhere can create real grudge against you. It's rare but happens too. Just saying, ;-)
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SUPERSCIOLI 2014年4月8日 14時15分 
If anyone has any modded/hacked weapons please add me.
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