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oschal.osterer Jun 13, 2013 @ 10:59am
need help to find orange Claws
Hey Guys the title says all, if anybody is in possesion of orange Claws lvl 70 please add me, i can trade with you. for example: Zeds demise, defender of motherland, asassins creed, chef cook and a semie automatic sniper . all lvl 70 of course.
i would be glad , if someone sends me a message. regards
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mgsmith02 Jun 14, 2013 @ 9:36am 
If you have Zed's Demise, Assassin's Greed, Master Chef, Defender of the Motherland, all which don't spawn in Riptide, just use Dead Island Save Editor to give yourself the claws. That's how those other weapons were created, or by mods.
i wish you the best of luck with those claws , sounds like very rare.
oschal.osterer Jun 15, 2013 @ 7:33am 
no, i wont use the save editor, it would not make funn anymore. the most weapons you get are all traded from other players. and i hope i get the claws without the save editor, dont wanna cheat
i have 8 diffrent orange lvl 70 weapons,

Orange Golf Club lvl 70
Orange Chinese war sword lvl 70
Orange Mace lvl 70
Orange Shock Shotgun lvl 70
Orange Katana lvl 70
Orange Kukri lvl 70
Orange Hanbo lvl 70
Orange chainsaw lvl 38,

i can dupe these and trade them off,

i seek:

Orange Heavy Revolver - Heavy pistol
Orange Claws
Orange Semi Auto Sniper
Orange Showel
Orange (all of them i dont have yet)

on my profile is a screenshot that shows what i got,
i got them all in original and not modded versions too,
well all exept the shock shotgun modded it before i could dupe it,

Steam name: Gunner_from_denmark

Add me or leave commment.


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