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Dead Island Riptide

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Good places to grind for japanese swords and guns
Chapter 7 right after you cleared the ferry place of all criminals, you will call the professor and ask for help. Right after the start go after all the metal chests to grind for weapons. And you should absolutely open the cooling box, at the 1st floor left of the yellow soda machine.
In this small square cooling box you will loot stingray tails. I looted 2 in about 1 hour.
After the professor is done talking. Enter the room that has the ferry operator.
DON'T talk to this guy! Just open the metal chest. It drops greens, blues and the legendary items! Usually sharp weapons. It does not drop guns at all.
After openening all chests...quiet and continue. The game will save, then when reset of chests.
Continue until you are bored and have enough weapons.

2nd place: grind for guns
In chapter 9 you will goto the military base. Right after finding the explosive, DON'T blow up the gate. In one of the tents right at the working bench at the gate, is a metal crate that only drops greens, blues! Did not drop legendary items yet, but that is just a matter of time.
just quiet and reload the game... it will start right in front of the gate , just walk towards the chest, 10 meters away....

And outside the tent is a blue rank shotgun that changes as you relaod the game.... with 2 ammo boxes next to it. nice!

I looted a auto rifle, modded with detox mod (1% poison )and fully upgraded and does 19K damage. Not bad I guess. Its just a green weapon, but its an upgrade of my previous one =).

Happy grinding!

Edit: 2 minutes later. Purple shotgun that is fully upgraded and modded with pride. Does 11K damage. Waiting for the legendary gun =).
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