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Murderbits 2012年9月14日 5時19分
Lost a sale due to status of the first two games.
I like to play the original games in a franchise before moving on. I've heard great things about this series and would have gladly bought the third one on launch, here, except for the miserable status the first two titles seem to be in. As a result, they've lost my interest in spending $30 on their new release on top of what I would have spent for the first two. A little effort maintaining those and keeping them reliable and playable would have gone a long way.

Has anyone else made this decision, for the same reasons?

I guess the new community system has erased all of the pre-existing discussions on these games, but there used to be many threads for the first two games warning people as to the major problems they've run into just trying to get the games to even launch.
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Schnurri 2012年9月14日 10時18分 
Hi, how long did it take to finish the game? Must be really short!
Actually, the secret files games were all extremely easy...
sssleep 2012年9月17日 10時19分 
i allmose bot it butt ensted bot dinnr
henkkass 2012年12月21日 18時37分 
I have played Secret Files 1 & 2. I liked them both,so im going to purchase this too.
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