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Chii! 13 септември 2012 в 7:55 следобед
church state
Hi, Im trying to figure out the church state. I know you have to rock it to the left/right but it just seems to go with the same amount of momenteum for each side and no matter how fast or slow I click on the buttons it doesn't seem to change. VERY frustrating. help!
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scanti 13 септември 2012 в 8:31 следобед 
It's a bit tricky to do as the clicks seem to be a bit unresponsive on my system. You have to click the opposite direction the statue is moving in just before it reaches the end of it's swing. It's all about timing. Although it still took me a few minutes to do.
Zanuda 16 септември 2012 в 4:51 сутринта 
I wish I could change the difficulty back to normal, this statue rocking is driving me insane :( How am I supposed to repeat this trick several times if I hardly manage to pull it off even once?!? Bummer.
Adelpha 18 септември 2012 в 12:14 следобед 
There's a little pause at the end of each swing - click the other arrow during the pause, and it should eventually fall.
Zanuda 24 септември 2012 в 1:39 следобед 
Thank you very much, that worked perfectly!
i cannot get it, wish there was a skip option.
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