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AncestraLSM 2012年9月13日下午5:41
Languages & Subtitles
Hi guys,
The game was supposed to have 2 full audio support : English & German and what i'm sure of french subtitles !
But right a way, i just have the game in full english !
So i'm wondering if there is a way to change it ?
Thx ;)
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Mr. Fowlster 2012年9月13日下午6:03 
Have you already checked if the game has a Language tab in its properties?
AncestraLSM 2012年9月13日下午6:05 
Yeah, i even check on files game . But it's possible i missed something !
Mr. Fowlster 2012年9月13日下午6:12 
That's quite odd. Now, mind you, i don't own the game (yet) , but what's your steam's language?
AncestraLSM 2012年9月13日下午6:15 
French ^^
AncestraLSM 2012年9月13日下午6:22 
I just changed to German, but even like that the game it's still in English, i think they will release something to change that, i mean the game just came out
Mr. Fowlster 2012年9月13日下午8:03 
Hm, i see. Sorry for not being able to help!
AncestraLSM 2012年9月14日上午12:59 
Thx, no problem :) I'm waiting an answer on the facebook page ^^
METAL 2012年9月14日上午3:42 
just got the game now and i was wondering why i dint had the option to change the language. i know german, so of course i like to play it in original language. how i can i play this game in full german audio?? where are the settings for it?
AncestraLSM 2012年9月14日上午7:50 
Still nothing ?
Lametrie 2012年9月14日上午8:12 
I've got the language option German, perhaps the update that has been installed right now? Perhaps worth a Try...
AncestraLSM 2012年9月14日上午8:15 
I'm looking on twitter & Facebook some information, for me too German version is available but nothing more :(
Schnurri 2012年9月14日上午10:17 
This is just a guess, but maybe this is one of those games that selects the language automatically depending on the language settings of the operating system/windows? (I hate such behavior :D )
AncestraLSM 2012年9月14日上午10:22 
Secret Files
"There was a mistake in communications from our end regarding the languages, for which we deeply apologize. The Steam version currently has English and German audio and subtitles. We'll have an information update after the weekend regarding other languages."
最后由 AncestraLSM 编辑于; 2012年9月14日下午3:44
METAL 2012年9月15日上午7:52 
funny, i have the steam version, but i still cant change the language at all. the steam settings shoulndt matter really, because i have blades of times and i can change the language wihtout any problems. hope this gets fixed soon.
k200000879 2012年9月15日下午2:12 
I want Korean subtitles.
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