Secret Files 3

Secret Files 3

ironmanmk42 Dec 1, 2013 @ 4:28pm
Good fun game. Easter eggs I noticed
I bought Lost Horizon + the 3 secret files in a sale. I also bought the Sam Peters one at full price to support the developer.
I really like the games. The first two were great with logical answers. Still working my way through the third. The Lost Horizon is the best in the series. The last part with the two guys working in tandem was the best.

Some Easter Eggs I noticed in Secret Files 3 -

- In a cavern she says "Not even Glen Parker can jump that". Glen Parker was in Lost Horizon as the olympic long jumper

- The flight back from Istanbul to SFO is driven by Chesley B. Sullenberger, the famous pilot who glide landed his plane in the Hudson River many years ago saving the lives of all passengers.

- Near where she encounters the Guardian she is unable to leap over the fire because she is "not like Fenton Paddock", again a Lost Horizon ref.

- Bingle Search Engine had me chuckling

- Why was Nina in panties and figure revealing tight undershirt at her death-experience?

Maybe I will notice more or others can chime in with more.
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