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FlutterYuu Nov 23, 2012 @ 1:19am
The Good O'll Days
Hello Everypony! I'm a Veteran MapleStory Player. When I first played MapleStory there were only 4 jobs. Warrior, Mage, Theif and Bowman.

Now I hear a lot of talk from.... players who have just joinned the game, and I mean just I mean recently this year. I'm going to talk about how things used to be before your rant.

MapleStory is my very First MMO. I was 10 or 12..... but I'm pretty sure I was younger then I am now. I'm 17 btw. First thing I would like to say..... I hated the ***king game. I would get so♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥that I wasn't leveling fast and I had no ♥♥♥♥ing clue what I was doing. I was lost. I was Impatient. And lastly I was young.

The first ever Update I saw was MapleStory Pirates.... I was so excited because it looked so cool. Unfortunatelly my account was hacked... I was scammed, again I was young. I tried.... playing it but everything cool I got was just not there the next day. All my fault.

I made another Account! YAY!

But this is about how it was before Big Bang, before Cygnus Knights and even Before Pirates! First thing, Leveling was much harder back then. Second you weren't a MapleStory player unless you heard of Tiger, Fangblade and Drey. Those were the coolest guys on the game back then. Now if you say their names all the new kids are like "Who the F**k is that?". Its a true shame.

On my many horrible adventures. I once got stuck in a Crimson Bolrge attack.... I was like "WHAT'S GOING ON!?!" and all the higher levels were like "GO BACK INSIDE! WE'LL HANDLE THIS!" fighting the♥♥♥♥♥♥outta those things. That was my first experiance on the Victoria ship to Orbis. I never went back outside again. I learned my lesson. Back then it cost 5000 mesos to go from Victoria Island to Orbis and back... 5000 Mesos. Now it cost you... hmm let me check. NOT A F**KING DIME! So be thankful cuz I wasted so many mesos on those trips.

Defeating Zerum was a ***king achivement. If you defeated Zerum you were automaticly a badass. I remember when you had to find Mushmom. And one day I saw a guy go into a hidden portal and I was like "The F**K?" so I followed him in. I was at Henseys. And to my surprise I went down and was killed by a lvl60 Mushmom.... Now I can kill the, THE, Mushmom at lvl15.... how sad is that?

Sleepywood was hard to get to. It was also hard to survive in but if you were lvl 20-30 you could survive. A little bit. Evil Eye, Curse Eye, Ice Eye, Zombie Mushroom, those monsters could be found in Sleepywood. They were high lvl monsters too. Zombie Mushroom was like lvl 45? I died that's all I'm saying.

Blue Mushrooms could only be found when you paid the World Tour Guide to go to MapleStory "Japan". And they were lvl 30 or 35?

Just saying all the monster you can beat now, Golem, Lupie, Zombie Musrooms, Evil Eye, etc. I couldn't beat until I was lvl 30. Which by the fact took three months to do. Now it takes 5 hours....

Next time you think this game sucks. Just look up some very old MapleStory Videos or talk to someone like me, A MapleStory Veteran, just to get the juicy details on how HORRIBLE it was in the beginning.

Thanks for reading and if anyone else was here when there were only 4 jobs would like to add some of their stories, please feel free to add them. And comment! Brohoof and have a great time playing MapleStory.
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Baspluga Nov 23, 2012 @ 9:37am 
Glad to see someone who's been through hell and back in MapleStory. I'm only 16 from about 5 days ago, and I remember the original way of playing MapleStory. And yes, I still rant online about FangBlade, Curry, Tiger and Drey being more experienced at this game. They'd be disgusted if they saw how MapleStory turned (well they might've already been online recently, I don't really hear about them much, so it's sad)

Look what MapleStory turned too. When Big Bang came out, I knew they were probably trying to keep their player value rising, because it was rage inducing. Now the only rage I get in this game is why could I get to 4th job so easily. Now, they're about to give new players and easier experience with making the level caps for 3rd and 4th job 60 and 100. Really? Plus, they're removing secondary stats, so now players that made it to lvl 200 ( I never did, I'm still kind of an impatient child at 16) are going to be weaker at that level than people that make there characters when Tempest starts. There's no strategy for stats now that you can change in your own way.

I haven't played MapleStory in a week or two, because I got a new computer and forgot to download it till today, and I'm going to wonder if I really want to anymore (I am because I've been waiting for Luminous and Kaiser, though they haven't announced Kaiser yet). I'm going to really miss the old days because the thing I like in a game is challenge, no matter how much I want to quit, I love when developers make me want to feel that way- like Namco Bandai with Dark Souls or DevCat with Vindictus (I'm not the best at that game)- but soon there will be no more.
ayy lmaoツ Nov 23, 2012 @ 11:02pm 
I can see that I'm not the only Maplestory veteran who remembers the old Maplestory. I miss it so much. Everyone I know who is a verteran tells me that it was "too hard." I say that without a challenge, the game's not even worth playing. I was around back before Pirates were made. The game was tough, but it was fun. I feel as though the Big Bang killed off a bit of the game for me. Now, there is no challenge on getting a high level. All the monsters were nerfed. The map changed. I really don't like the new map, because that made travelling on foot all the easier. A ten minute walk from Henseys to Perion is now only two because of that area in the middle that connects all the towns. The new classes are exciting, but the changes to the game... not so much. I am angry that they are making the class requirements for the 3rd and 4th advancements nerfed. That has to be one of the most annoying updates that has occured, besides the Big Bang.

I got a new laptop. Like Chris, I have to also redownload Maplestory on it. I'm not sure that I want to, as it will take at least three hours to get it downloaded. I guess I should get it downloaded. I really miss the old days in Maplestory, when trying to go to Orbis resulted in a visit from a Balrog, or going into Sleepy Hallow was instant death for someone who was under level 40. I hope the game doesn't get worse than it already is. Seth Sorrows, signing out.
JBcristal Nov 24, 2012 @ 5:53am know, I think that is the reason I still go into the Jump quests. It's the only place in the game that hasn't changed. That is still as difficult as it was before.
...also maybe because I'm one of those odd people that like them, and currently really, really good at them...
But yeah. I'm actually european, see. We are still just after the Legends update, and I can't wait for Phantom. Because all that is left for the game is the emotion of new characters and stuff. The rest...? Well... I think it's sad...
FlutterYuu Nov 24, 2012 @ 2:27pm 
Anyone remember the Moon Bunny Party Quest? I checked out the spot where it used to be and there are only higher levels hanging out there..... I hear they moved it up to level 50 now... it used to be level 10.... I miss old Maplestory...

LOL Remember when you first started playing beginner and you poped up with that green silly outfit? That was before everything. Man that game was hard. I like that its more user friendly and you can navigate where you're suppose to go next.... but everything else except the new characters I can live without.

And you're right, the new map sucks.
bweezy Nov 24, 2012 @ 7:54pm 
Don't act like your a "MapleStory Veteran" if you say "Zerum" instead of Zakum. (assuming that's what you meant) And, I disagree on the old maple being terrible. Honestly id rather go back 4 years of the game. To me those days were more fun. The game was much more of just having fun than seeing who has the most damage.
FlutterYuu Nov 24, 2012 @ 8:46pm 
Zakum, that's a really hard name to remember. And I never said the old MapleStory wasn't fun. All I'm saying is that it was 10 times harder then it is now. Yeah I hated it but I liked it too... its like a love hate relationship bro. I never leveled back in the old MapleStory. Wait there was that one time I made it to level 50 as a cleric. But I got tired of that♥♥♥♥♥♥bro OMG I HATE CLERIC SO MUCH! Never playing that character AGAIN.

There is a lot to love and hate about both the Post-Big Bang and the Pre-Big Bang Maple Story. Of course now you have the Navigation and stuff which makes it easier to get to quests, though I hate how they down graded some of the monsters, that part really sucks. I haven't tried all of the characters yet but from so far they've all been revamped. Not sure how I feel about that, it seems people both love and hate it.

Zerum...... oh ♥♥♥♥ that a tumblr blog. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA That's where I got it from! HA! I was wondering if the guys name was Zakum where the hell did I get Zerum from. At least I got the Z right.

But its okay bro, I know I'm a MapleStory Veteran, doesn't mean you have to agree but I know I played the game when there were only four classes. Though the old MapleStory was hard for me I never once thought it wasn't fun. It got boring but I always got back into it.
Alan Wake Nov 25, 2012 @ 2:05am 
dude i'm a maplestory vet and it was ok but nothing to flip your lid about. it was always a p2w grindfest and on my best characters i could never get past 2nd class advancement before losing my paitence. (see: the "Everything was better when you were 13" comic) if you ask me, i'd say the "feel" of the game, being a general adventure with friends in a strange land of mideval war tactics, mythological and magical nature and technological innovations all living in harmony and fighting against horrible monsters hiding behind innocent masks has done nothing less than stay true throughout the years, which is something a lot of mmos don't have the right to claim. if this is really bothering you to the point of being unable to play anymore due to it then spend a few minutes browsing gameogre or something, i'm sure there's some mmo out there that could pique your interest
Skyinho Nov 25, 2012 @ 9:40pm 
Like everything in life; with time, change will come. Same applies to MapleStory. All games have to progress and be updated. I'm not a vet player, so I can't really debate on if this version of MapleStory is better or worse than it was four years ago. However, I have heard that the community was a lot closer back then than it is now. I have no idea if that's true or not, but that is one thing MapleStory could use; is a better community.

I also agree with one of your points; some of the recent class creations have become redundant and useless. I think Nexon should focus on quality over quantity.

Itemofgood has a point as well. Myself being a relatively new player; I've looked up MapleStory videos of the "good ole' days" and the combat/core mechanics of the game have stayed in tact through out the years. There's something to be said for that. Plus Nexon as a company compensates the players (us) very well when there's unexpected downtime. I can't think of another company out there as big as Nexon is that compensates it's players so well. (F2p games)

In any case, I think with the temptest update MapleStory will add a new chapter to it's history and we'll see where it leads.

Happy Mapling!
coxgobbler Nov 26, 2012 @ 1:21pm 
all ill say is " i cant beleive i grinded all the way to level 90" crusader
back then. what was i thining spending so many WEEKS grinding on jr. yetis
because my stupid all str crusader couldnt hit any monsters at higher lv consistantly.
the game was never what i call great fun just was new and cool to me at my younger age.
the last update i saw was zombie mushmom so yeah that was a looooong time ago.

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Wizblizz Nov 27, 2012 @ 11:08am 
I just started playing this game about 4 days ago for the first time. I think so far this is a pretty good game. But notice how I said *good* and not *awesome*. I have been playing for 4 days and I have . . .
1 lvl 43 Wild Hunter ( legit )
1 lvl 30 Battlemage ( used the instant lvl 30 cash item to get him )
1 lvl 18 warrior ( legit )
1 lvl 15 thief ( legit )
1 lvl 4 Cygnus Knight ( I deleted her )

What I am trying to say here is, you level up WAY too fast. It's ridiculous how easy it is now. My first character was my wild hunter, and I chose him because I saw that the difficulty level was higher than the others. I was slightly dissapointed however. My hunter could easily walk up and down that tower to Orbis at lvl 32, and I think that is sad. My advice for Maplestory developers?
Make a class thing like what the resistance or the explorers have, only add a few bars of difficulty instead of one notch. I mean I did a boss fight by holding down my shift button, seriously? It's cool though how I can try to hang around veterans at the game. (( one even gave me 50,000,000 mesos! ))
carefreesteps Nov 29, 2012 @ 1:18am 
A MapleStory veteran and Brony? It's a small world I guess. True that the drastic changes has made the game more appealing to casual gamers, but it's was the difficulty of the game that got me hooked. However, I wasn't really into grinding that much, I just mainly focused on all the quests I could do on my Assassin (and no I wasn't one of those dexless elitist jerks that care about damage, I still don't care about my attack range even today). That was until it got hacked and abandoned, I was pretty proud that I actually got to 90's before Big Bang. Today I just hang around on my Night Lord that I made when I got back into mapling a little after Big Bang. I'm still am doing what I done back then, avoiding grinding to level and doing quests instead. I also love the jump quests and too am "one of those odd people that like them", in fact that's where my IGN comes from, "carefulsteps" and my Steam name derived from that. You can catch me in Bera, I'm a jr. of a Brony guild there called "TheManeSix".
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Fritzpud Nov 29, 2012 @ 2:46am 
I played for what... 4 years in high school (from age 14 to 18) and spent way too much on it, money and time that is. I never got past level 80 or so when it was actually difficult, though I did get 3 or so spearmen, a couple pages, and a couple assasins to 3rd job before I quit prior to big bang. It was still hard at that point, but I'm not going to lie it felt right. There was challenge but it wasn't impossible. Level 200 wasn't something you could get to in a week like it is now assuming you just don't sleep / have so much money that it doesn't matter.

Having good equips meant something, you had to work for them (or at some points pay money on the MTS for them) but back then it was still something. There was an amazing damage gap between a char with basic equips, and one with a couple hundred mil in funding. Getting to 2nd job still took work. I remember the first time I stayed up all night to get from level 1 to lvl 30. Party questing was actually difficult and yet didn't just mean you automaticly leveled up like it does now. Anyone remember when you had to wait outside a channel to try to get in constantly clicking?

Level 100+ actually ment something back then. Now you can get to it in 2 days if you know where to go, ect. Being such a high level doesn't mean anything if any 7 year old with parents who don't care if they sit on the computer for 36 hours straight can get to it.
This game was never good... It was fun at times, I still have friends from when I used to play this. But it doesn't mean anything when playing this game since 90% of the time you're leveling up so fast that you don't have the gaps of time between leveling / questing to actually sit and talk to someone. I've played charecters up to level 60 or 70 and haven't had more than a 5 sentance conversation with anyone before. Back then it was about finding your story with your friends, now it might as well be single player, it can't be hard to program npcs to steal your kills, be♥♥♥♥♥hats, and sell stuff at unreasonably high prices.
ZennieButt Nov 29, 2012 @ 6:58am 
You know, I kind of love it when people call themselves MapleVets, yet they moan and complain at the very thing they hold near and dear back then. That--- right there, is the biggest shame of all. You all seem like a hispter that's bent on complaining about how "bad"(easy) it is now. I've been with Maple since beta, yet here I am 21 about to be 22 years of age, and I still value the very message Maple is promoting, even with Wizet out of the picture.

Then again, I have to remind myself, I am speaking--- or rather--- replying to a bunch of kiddos. Also I don't remember Maple being a popularity contest; so no--- knowing Tiger, Suuushi, Drey, or any of the original Top Players, did not make you a true Mapler. Playing the game, was and still is enough to make any human being, a Mapler.
Red Kirby Nov 29, 2012 @ 11:30am 
i only really figured out about the game when big bang came, and didnt get to start playing until phantom came out because my old computer couldnt handle the limits of maple.

But i find the game fun and wish Id found it sooner so i could feel like i was a legit player and not some crap dude who always plays the op classes. and i totally agree that the game is easy enough without 0 sub stats and 60 and 100 job advances.

that and the game is so insocial unless you have money to spend on hipster clothes for your character so you can derp around and talk to the boring new henehoes that sit in henesys all day and they take up 3/4 of the community now, so all you really do is grind with a few PQs here and there until you get to 150 so you can spam boss expeds until you get good equips.

but its still decent, i mean sometimes you may find that "just right" guild or a good party, and become good friends. i still hang with my friends at lvl 125 that i hung with at lvl 50, and im in a good guild to. and quests are a bit interesting with the different stories and places to go to.

so i still do like this game alot and always come back because i spent so much time trying to get the game and found it and thought it was awesome! it was the first real mmo I played so i have good memories of when i didnt know about cubes and empress weps andall that other stuff so im still happy playing it :)
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carefreesteps Nov 29, 2012 @ 12:08pm 
You know, there's good reason to complain. Like it has already been said, because it's a lot easier to level, the overall effect is the lack of socialization from other players in the community. Being able to encounter another person or group, work together to achieve a common goal, and become good friends or just know each other is a key thing to have in an experience of a MMORPG. For the game's community to lack in that is, if you can say, a sin of the game genre. Yes, the change of making the game easier is good for the business, opening new doors to let people enter; yet the effect, in most people's cases, is less involvement with other players ironically. The common mindset nowadays whenever there is a new boss is "How can I solo this?" rather than "Who can I get in our party to fight this?", but I guess all our fault it's like this since we are all part of the community. However, who can blame us when it's so easy to go solo most of the time? And speaking of business, I honestly think Nexon America is just going to milk this game for cash til it runs dry. They can hardly keep up with customer support and I think they instead just focus on new methods of getting money out of us. The prime example is the recent removal of the "Godly" equipment that were made illegitimately. Soon after that, the quick return of NX scrolls to make your own "Godly" equipment legitimately, but at the cost of buying more NX. Now I'm not defending dupers, but doesn't that situation seem fishy? Whatever, it's just my friends and guild that keeps the game fun still. I just wish it could be easier to make new friends in the game now just like it was back then.
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