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daniel_zmbrn 2013年6月28日 6時17分
Account for sale
i have a maplestory account for sale i have a 200 kaiser 156 phantom 150 bucc 136 luminous 132 shadower 118 hayato 90 demon slayer 90 mihile 78 dual blade and much more. let me know on steam or email me at
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Mesa 2013年6月28日 7時37分 
when you say its for sale, what form of currency are you using? as idk if you'd want meso's being that ur selling ur account
[A4] Jamillia 2013年6月28日 13時55分 
You also have to specify what world the account is in.
daniel_zmbrn 2013年6月28日 14時45分 
the worlds are windia and renegades(well known in renegades) im looking to sell my account for dollars no game currency
3vil 2013年6月28日 15時26分 
first of all you need to say the gear that you have in your high levels, no one reall cares about the lower levels to be honest, you an get a higher price depending on you gear or what type of % you have on the gear you have
daniel_zmbrn 2013年6月28日 16時23分 
lvl 200 kaiser wit 30%+ str wit 2 9%int pend and ring 1 9%luk ring perfect scrolled knucler and much more pics comin in abit
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