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tomng2794 Jan 5 @ 6:41pm
region block problem
I was playing maple story back in Australia and it stopped working in Hong Kong. Steam doesnt even show the launch game button. I've googled a bit and they said its the region block problem. I really want to keep playing Maple story....
Does anyone know what I can do to keep playing in Hong Kong?
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[A4] Jamillia Jan 5 @ 8:41pm 
Which version of MS were you playing?
Global MapleStory (NA), Korean MS, Chinese MS, Japanese MS, European MS.
tomng2794 Jan 5 @ 8:44pm 
Im not sure... haha
I just searched Maple story and theres only one Maple story avaliable in there. and i downloaded that
tomng2794 Jan 5 @ 8:49pm 
ohhh it is GMS
[A4] Jamillia Jan 5 @ 9:15pm 
Then just download it from the website:
tomng2794 Jan 5 @ 9:27pm 
is it the whole game?
[A4] Jamillia Jan 5 @ 10:27pm 
The website came before MS was available on steam... at least 8 years before.
You could say that Steam MS is the website MS - because it is LOL.
tomng2794 Jan 6 @ 3:53am 
oh haha thanks a lot :) so if i install that the region problem will be solved?
Ch00k Jan 7 @ 7:21pm 
I don't know of any way to play around the region block problem, but you could try opting for a Virtual Private Network (VPN) like hotspot shield. It's pretty laggy when you play behind a proxy though.
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