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Flare Feb 27 @ 4:53am
Do not waste your time with Nexon
Spent money on this game then got randomly banned for "hacking" when I did nothing of the sort. Made a support ticket over a month ago requesting help and I haven't received any response at all. Their live support is a joke, only open for a few hours a week and you still don't get anybody to answer you. So now I've invested money into a game I can't even play. Moral of the story is, don't bother with any nexon games unless you like being robbed. Will never play any of their games ever again!
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beefdude22 Mar 7 @ 6:44pm 
Realy Thats SO STUPID!
=AG= Jirosei8 Mar 7 @ 7:48pm 
You have to understand that nexon is swarmed with tickets everyday. It takes a while for them to respond(trust me, i've been playing this for 5 years). But as for spending money, you dont get treated any differently because you throw dollars at the game. A watched kettle never boils. If it was just hacking then it's usually a 1 month ban unless it was sevear enough(like ddos).
Flare Mar 8 @ 4:48am 
It was a 12 month ban. Been over 2 months and I still haven't gained access back into the game. However, a few days ago I got an automated message letting me know they received my ticket. Most companies would send you that within minutes though considering its automated.
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=AG= Jirosei8 Mar 8 @ 9:48am 
Quick thing, do you use an ip changer by chance? Or anytype of packet spammer?
Not for maplestory, but just in general.
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Flare Mar 8 @ 4:19pm 
I use a proxy app on my web browser to access sites like spotify since I live in Canada. Not sure if that would do something to the Hackshield Nexon uses. Somebody told me something on another forum about Razer programs causing bans with the Hackshield. I'm guessing its either because of the proxy on my browser or a Razer program I was using. Its upsetting because I've never encountered this problem with any other anti-hacking software on the many games I play.
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=AG= Jirosei8 Mar 8 @ 4:55pm 
Did you ever launch maplestory with gamebooster?
And for the web application that wouldnt cause it.
Flare Mar 8 @ 5:00pm 
No, I always launch my games through Steam.
=AG= Jirosei8 Mar 8 @ 6:00pm 
Then I'm genuinly stumped. Nexon is nutoriously bad at customer support, but hopefully it gets sorted out. If you ever do find out what caused it let me know.
Oh and btw, something not realating to this at all and shouldn't give you any ideas what so ever, they dont ban ip's so any one banned *cough* you *cough* can make another account.
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ExtremelyHurrikane Mar 9 @ 8:01am 
Been playing this game off and on, coming back for their updates/free goodies, and I've heard about this alot. The game is a fun little platform to play on occassion, They put $$ first, and new classes second, bear that in mind.
=AG= Jirosei8 Mar 9 @ 7:23pm 
I wouldn't say they put dollars first, yes you can buy things like exp buffs from the shop, but they are constantly giving out the same through events. Just a week or two ago they gave a perm exp pendant. And in about a week they are giving away a 1 week 3x exp buff and a charector slot for free. Not to mention they are always doing contests for maple points(free nx).
But their customer service still sucks.
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