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garrythegamer 2月26日 17時34分
i download then wont work :c
ok i download the game then i launched the game no big dead then the game work i was happy then i went to a world (server) it wont work wtf help me :c
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French Fries 2月28日 16時44分 
change resolutions ingame or through your pc.
garrythegamer 3月1日 7時25分 
i cant it doesnt let me in the server
The not-so-loli Lolicon 3月2日 7時56分 
Did you make a Nexon Account?
garrythegamer 3月2日 9時39分 
Yanoku 3月2日 16時46分 
im using windows 8 and im getting the same thing
garrythegamer 3月3日 13時52分 
Yanoku 3月6日 12時19分 
do you think the error could be from downloading from steam ? I heard that the hackshield has issues with it if anyone else has any information we need it.
garrythegamer 3月8日 6時35分 
when i open i doesnt work
Doberman 3月8日 8時27分 
I'm having the same problem. Did everything I should have.
Pudge is my waifu 3月8日 9時47分 
If it is saying "having trouble? please try to recconect to a server" It's because once the server list loads you have about 20-30 seconds to connect. This is because of the massive amount of players that have started coming to gms(espessially windia).
garrythegamer 3月9日 7時51分 
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh thats why thnks bro :)
Yanoku 3月11日 12時37分 
i heared somwhere that it's because of DL that steam offers doesnt work.
Pudge is my waifu 3月11日 13時01分 
That was an early problem that was fixed around 6-7 months ago.
Yanoku 3月11日 22時06分 
so explain to me why i can get to the server list screen but when i click a server the game closes?
Pudge is my waifu 3月12日 17時50分 
Never had that happen to me, or heard about it. Try checking your permissions under properties. If that doesnt work try deleting local content and reinstalling.
1-15 / 19 のコメントを表示
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