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EzTeK,- 2014年2月19日 7時04分
When did you start playing?
if you don't recall the year or date just tell us your oldest memory:
for example i can't remember when i started, but in the tutorial you had green latex suits on and you were on horizontal escalators from wich you could see all the classes. this is waaay
before big bang. (~2006-2007)
also there were only 4classes: mage, archer, thief, warrior
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Formaggioilsuo 2014年2月19日 14時42分 
same here!! i started in 2007
NeoSanguine 2014年2月19日 15時00分 
I joined after the KoC update. Not sure what year that was though.
Xune 2014年2月19日 15時23分 
The last time I played this game was around six or seven years ago (I'm pretty sure -- I was somewhere around 10 years old). I just started playing again and I still know as little as I did way back then. Well, maybe a bit more considering I've had experience with another, but World of Warcraft seems much simpler compared to this. :P
Huss 2014年2月19日 21時25分 
The times when there were only 4 classes in the game and you had to walk to the job area to get that specific job.
Shadowninjax 2014年2月19日 23時57分 
Lmao that takes me back! The wierd full body green suits we had to wear, First class was a theif. Good times! Yeah that was like 2006-2007 If I can remember correctly.
Little Onion Knight 2014年2月20日 11時00分 
I remember looking at the version saying Ver 0.2 on the login screen :D
So...I joined right after beta ended, whenever that was.
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Berrytale 2014年2月20日 11時21分 
I started a year before cygnus knights~
Ether Sol'Rac 2014年2月21日 13時39分 
while i dont know what year exactly, it was a few months right before they had their third aniversary event. maplestory was actually my first mmo. oh how things have changed since then.
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Wintersun 2014年2月21日 13時59分 
Cyphusb 2014年2月23日 23時53分 
Thats about the time i started playing. I hate all the new classes and stuff. It was harder back then. Game is too easy now.
EzTeK,- 2014年2月24日 5時38分 
Xypa の投稿を引用:
Thats about the time i started playing. I hate all the new classes and stuff. It was harder back then. Game is too easy now.
ye i know right, remember having to wait for the boat with a bunch of people just to get horribly murdered by a ballrog? and having to wait again just sitting there like: ._.
Turquoise ♦ 2014年2月24日 13時43分 
I was 10, when the only classes we're the basic explorers, thief, mage, pirate, warrior, and archer.
575 2014年2月24日 13時58分 
I was only explorers ( mage - warrior - thief - archer ) was ♥♥♥♥ing difficult for all , in the first island the mage only hit 1-3 damage lol was ♥♥♥♥ing hardcore , There was lot of people in that island doing quest went for SouthPerry or Armherst was funny see too many people playing in those years :')
Kieriny9 2014年2月24日 14時04分 
When there were only four classes.

Good times.
blooregardqkuzoo 2014年2月24日 15時51分 
Kierany9 の投稿を引用:
When there were only four classes.

Good times.
Same time when I started
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