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Thrifty achievement
od NB264
Short and simple illustrated guide to Thrifty achievement...
Powerful Pair achievement
od NB264
Short, illustrated guide to Powerful Pair achievement...
T-Rex Gauntlet achievement
od NB264
Short guide for a not so easy achievement, that will help you three-steak a level 2-19 using only teleports and crushers....
Need Gold ?
od delaSound
You want much Gold? Then start the First Level in the First Chapter. Just take with you a Teleporter and some Miner with you. What we want? Kill every Dino exept for the last one. The last one, we want to send in a permanent circle with the telepor...
Just Work Around It
od adam.png
How to get the Just Work Around It achievement....
T-Rex Gauntlet Three Steak Level 2-19 using only Teleporter Twins and Crushers
od Phoenix Eraser [FR]
T-Rex Gauntlet Three Steak Level 2-19 using only Teleporter Twins and Crushers...
Close Call - Strategy !
od Phoenix Eraser [FR]
Close Call Defeat the last Dino in a level within 6 inches of the BBQ ...
Coin making guide
od Misfy
Just as the title says, this guide is made for those who wish to make coins fast For achievement purpose,just wanting more outfits,power-ups. whatever the reason, this guide should be of use :)....
10.000 Achivment
od Shadow
If you missing kills for this Achivment use this Level (1-13) to get your missing kills. The Level is short and easy. You have to build only 2 Towers and get around 60 kills. [URL="http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/505825819774852643/6F4D3A1CC1EF...
I Have the Power achievement guide
od Isp3riA
This is a general guide for completing the achievement "I Have the Power"...
Just Work Around it (Achievement Guide)
od Zaunpfahl
Achievement Guide: Just Work Around it / Dann eben anders en: Three Steak Level 3-11 without clearing any rocks de: 3-Steak-Level 3-11 ohne Felsen-Beseitigung...
Historical Reenactment
od ReneG8
For those who have been stuck on which level to quickly get this easy historical achievement....
Kill Dinosaurs and earn Money!
od ¤\L'W/¤ Foxy Renardent
A fast and easy way to kill a lot of Dinosaurs, earn a lot of money and do "C-C-C-Coconuts" achievement. Une méthode rapide et efficace de tuer des Dinosaures tout en gagnant beaucoup d'argent et également faire le succès "Noix de c-c-c-coco !"...
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