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n1um3n 2013年9月11日 6時06分
I'd love to buy it
As in the topic - I'd love to buy this game, however, the prize is a bit to high for my wallet (I'm from Poland, it's like 45 dolar or euros in comparison to our earnings). So - is there anyone who has discount or additional copy? -50% would be nice...
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The-Skull-Will-Conquer 2013年9月11日 6時12分 
Hi will trade you something for a copy add me and lets chat ok :)
最近の変更はThe-Skull-Will-Conquerが行いました; 2013年9月11日 6時13分
n1um3n 2013年9月11日 12時19分 
Already bought it from the guy above, so please, close the topic. BTW. It was great to deal with this guy :)
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