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magistra11 16 ago 2013, ore 20:02
Not counting all Dino's killed...
I don't think that the game is accurately counting how many Dino's I have killed...I am trying to unlock the 10,000 Dino's sent home achievement...which I should have or be getting close to achieving...but it is stuck at 9,540. Is anyone else having this issue? *I have tried refreshing and closing steam to make sure it updates.
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magistra11 19 ago 2013, ore 19:33 
goblinfx 3 set 2013, ore 23:04 
I'm having this same problem. I'll start a new game. My best guess is that it stops counting once you finish all the levels.

When I had posted this, I had just finished my second playthrough. I started a 3rd new game, and played through the first ten levels of world one. Number didn't change. Very frustrating.
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magistra11 23 set 2013, ore 23:16 
I continued playing and the counter didn't change...but I eventually earned the achievement. I guess there is something wrong with the counter...if you keep playing maybe it will decide you are dedicated enough to earn the achievement?? haha. Best of luck!
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