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milttollin 2013年6月26日 20時54分
Fun, but hard
Is it just me or is this game fun but hard when starting out. It might just be me. :)
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Kelson 2013年6月28日 6時32分 
I won't lie - it's pretty challenging when starting out. Some of the Dinos walk very fast early on while you're still trying to adjust to the tower shapes (which is a nice mechanice I'm not used to seeing in other TD games). The cartooney graphics are misleading - you think you're getting a kids' game, but far from it. There's a lot of challenge and strategy here.
FaeDine 2013年6月29日 19時02分 
I think the game is quite easy.

That said, I think it's very easy to beat a level, but very difficult to 3-steak a level. I think it has a very nice difficulty curve that way appealing to low and high skill levels.
milttollin 2013年6月30日 12時08分 
I agree, I guess thats one of the things that also makes it fun.
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scarecrow0588 2013年7月24日 1時35分 
This game is not difficult at all. But if you feel sort of hard to get 3 steaks, You can keep proceeding. When you unlock some new cards and additional card slots, going back to previous levels you think it hard. Those levels would be easier that way.
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