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 This topic has been pinned, so it's probably important
BJKWhite 16 март 2013 в 6:00 следобед
How to change settings from outside the game?
I need to change the resolution of the game, but can't find a settings file. Where is it?
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eitan  [разработчик] 16 март 2013 в 6:32 следобед 
Hey BJKWhite, Eitan from the dev team here.

To change your resolution outside of the game, open the following file:
C:\Users\<Windows User Name>\AppData\Local\Fire Hose Games\GHD\settings.data

<Windows User Name> = your windows user name
AppData may be hidden by default, but it's there if you type it in
You can open settings.data with any text editor

You'll see a line that looks like this:


Just change the resolution to whatever you want by adjusting the two numbers after "height": and "width": . We only support resolutions native to your monitor, so if you type in an odd resolution it may not work. 720x1280 is default, so if all else fails.

Hope this helps! Have fun playing the game :)
BJKWhite 17 март 2013 в 3:29 следобед 
Thanks--just a note to anyone else, on Windows XP the directory is C:\Documents and Settings\[user name]\Local Settings\Application Data\Fire Hose Games\GHD\settings.data
Twigleaf 21 март 2013 в 8:49 сутринта 
you have GOT to integrate this into the client. For some of us, this is easy to do, but I can see non OS literate people struggling to find the file, much less fighting windows when it tells you .data is not a text document ( even though it is ). It really needs to be in the options integrated in the game.
Sprodigy 22 август 2013 в 7:07 следобед 
I don't have this path and I have the game installed. I'm running Win 7 64 bit. Also, the game crashes on startup so i'm dead in the water. Any idea what might be up? I restarted and reinstalled multiple times. Same thing every time. Hidden files are enabled and I even searched my hard drive for anything resembling "Fire Hose Games" and "GHD"
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