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topolskiego 2013年10月31日下午11:27
Game now downloads +150Mb, is it something wrong with my version or new patch?
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topolskiego 2013年10月31日下午11:38 
Game said that I'm missing msi file or something and crashed, then Steam crashed the same. I had to restart my computer. I'm kinda afraid of running game again :D
topolskiego 2013年11月1日上午12:29 
Now it works, I don't know what could possibly cause that.
topolskiego 2013年11月1日上午3:45 
And again game crashed while starting with message that there's no api file ro something and my steam is not running
markvt 2013年11月1日下午1:23 
i also had a download of 150MB todayseems to be a new patch
The Derr Man 2013年11月1日下午7:47 
It was a new patch, no patch notes but the they fixed the collect all outfits achievement.

SeanTheBaptiste 2013年11月2日上午5:23 
It was basically just a fix for the achievement problem. I'm not sure why it's requiring a full download, though. Glad to finally fix this one!
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