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Zaunpfahl 2014年1月31日 11時38分
3 steak on boss levels?
I'm kinda stuck on getting 3 steaks for the boss levels in world 2 and 3. I almost got world 2, but the boss always reaches at least one dynamite. It's just too many dinos around and too little coconuts. On world 3 I have no idea on how to get it on 100%.
Hints and build orders would be most welcome.

I am also still missing: 2-14, 3-16, 3-17, 3-19 and not yet sure how to get.

Edit: ok got everything now except for 2-14 and the boss levels.
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Oudeis 2014年2月7日 18時44分 
Here's some help:

For 2-14, you can do it with 3 Meteor Magnets and 1 'Splodey Barrel.
For 2-20, you can do it with 2 Sergeant Quickshots and 1 Meteor Magnet OR 4 Sergeant Quickshots and 1 'Splodey Barrel.
For 3-20, you can do it with 1 Meteor Magnet and 3 DJ GO4s.

Of course, bring along extra 'Splodey Barrels just to be safe (and to make things easier). Hope this helps.
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