glenn3e 26 nov 2012 om 11:56nm
Terribly balanced mod...
Seriously, how can enemies be on rooftops with no ladders down? They eat and sleep forever on top of roofs? The huge number of enemies is no problem, the fact that they are in inaccessible locations with superior weapons that you cannot get at that point of the game is. Very lazy on the dev side for just randomly placing enemies around in places that doesn't make much sense.
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fleatoad 27 nov 2012 om 6:22vm 
to get onto the roof go next to the building with a flat roof and press page up. Your merc will climb on to the roof.
Sole Song 21 mei 2013 om 6:25vm 
Enemies on roofs is no problem if you can get to the wall. I usualy try to steal their weapon, often a good one. If you are strong no problem and you can shoot them with a double handgun salvo. Me allways stealth and dexterity.
Huggles ` 8 jun 2013 om 2:25vm 
Terribly ignorant post :)
Lord Rian 21 sep 2013 om 12:53vm 
yeah, i remember this mod as being 'freken' hard.
some doors were so hard to get through, that it was easier to drop a granade or mine next to it and blow a hole in the shanty wall 'next to it'. It made me get the original version back then, just for easier gameplay.
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