Jagged Alliance 2 - Wildfire

Jagged Alliance 2 - Wildfire

Pesticide 2012年11月16日上午10:06
stay away from this title
**Update: The european publisher responded in this thread that they did pay the developers and the game is a patched version 6.04, it was the north american publisher who caused the conflict, so the big buggs are fixed. For some reason you do not get the very latest patch, but at least it should be playable and developer and steam publisher are on good terms so i retract my reccomendation to not buy, but research on your own first, this game is very hard and still has some isseus.**

Many people do not seem to know the sad story behind the development of this game.This game is NOT jagged alliance 2. Its a stand alone expansion evolved from a free mod called wildfire for jagged alliance 2.

The developers of the mod sent a offer to the publisher of jagged alliance who accepted their offer but then just abused the mod makers and never payed them their cut for making this stand alone expansion. To such extent that the mod makers became so mad they refused to make patches for still critical bugs in this game. Because they didnt get payed for their work. So basicly the community and the mod makers where screwed in this. I dont even think the big crash bugs they did fix made it into a patch, it was all hotfixes they hosted on their own site, a site that no longer exists.

http://www.ideal-games.com/news/20041108.aspx the statement from the developer on the matter, they said they did not get payed at all for the english version :(

Do not spend your money on this game as it will not go to the makers of the game, in stead make a donation to the 1.13 mod team of the real jagged alliance 2 game!.

Stay away from this game, corporate greed killed it and you can not support this behaviour.

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(°o°) 2012年11月16日上午10:26 
Pesticide 2012年11月16日上午10:39 
http://www.ideal-games.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=512 is one of the latest post of the devs of the game, at the bottem they state, they never got payed and where not releasing an official patch unless they got payed, was a real sad story. It gives you an idea of the hotfixes filenames you will need to look for but i doubt anyone still has them hosted anywhere. And they are pretty big bugs they fix, i had multiple crashes when i played when the game was released so long ago :(
[R] Teravoc 2012年11月16日上午10:40 
Sad times
jdgev 2012年11月16日上午10:40 
ouch, if true that's pretty sad. This is why I always check the forums before buying a game.
Notso [NSFP] 2012年11月16日上午11:02 
Dude.... that sucks.
Thanks for posting that info.
Dr Krieg 2012年11月16日上午11:16 
Terrible business practise. Seems we'll not be getting any decent fresh JA content till a decent dev picks up the license.
billy 2012年11月16日上午11:28 
steam shouldnt be selling this game to be honest.
Vukitol 2012年11月16日上午11:34 
Wow, thats pretty low, thanks for posting the info.
Gordon Bleu 2012年11月16日上午11:35 
引用自 Dr Krieg
Terrible business practise. Seems we'll not be getting any decent fresh JA content till a decent dev picks up the license.

If you haven't already, go check out the awesome 1.13 Mod for the original JA2.
Search for "the bears pit" on google, i'm still actively playing and it is updated
at least weekly via svn.

°Dofus 2012年11月16日上午11:59 
this software should be pulled of steam if the story really happend this way!!
最后由 °Dofus 编辑于; 2012年11月16日下午12:00
dikajos 2012年11月16日下午12:07 
I beat original JA:2 several times - JA2:Wildfire never. JA2:Wildfire is almost normal JA:2 - with changed maps, terrible new voice actors (NPC’s speaking with 2 voices!!!), new confusing story line, better resolution (this one is for +) – all flavored with bugs (from graphical issues to engine crashes). I don’t recommend this title to anyone.
Exel 2012年11月16日下午12:15 
Wow. Glad I visited the forums before buying. I was excited to see JA2 on Steam but now definitely not buying. If the story is true, shame on Valve for just hosting this!
Spinx42 2012年11月16日下午12:33 
I agree with the OP about this. I have been playing JA2 sence it came out and when i heard about this mod i looked it up and found that story never got the mod because it was just wrong. Do not buy this Support Ja 1.13 They have made the game amazing and awesome and thats the true way to play JA2
Surph 2012年11月16日下午1:17 
Thanks for the heads up, Pesticide. I knew this looked suspicious, that's why I checked the forums first. Glad I did.
AquaStudios 2012年11月16日下午4:06 
besides the politics of things which I just found out... wildfire is the best version of jagged alliance, it beats the new ones even which were garbage. I will be getting it when I have the cash.

if they had a real case they'd take it to court, this is lots of money at stake for work that they completed. obviously it's not that important to them since they did not take it to court. I bet they just signed a ♥♥♥♥♥♥ contract and are bitter.
最后由 AquaStudios 编辑于; 2012年11月16日下午6:47
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