Jagged Alliance 2 - Wildfire

Jagged Alliance 2 - Wildfire

stay away from this title
**Update: The european publisher responded in this thread that they did pay the developers and the game is a patched version 6.04, it was the north american publisher who caused the conflict, so the big buggs are fixed. For some reason you do not get the very latest patch, but at least it should be playable and developer and steam publisher are on good terms so i retract my reccomendation to not buy, but research on your own first, this game is very hard and still has some isseus.**

Many people do not seem to know the sad story behind the development of this game.This game is NOT jagged alliance 2. Its a stand alone expansion evolved from a free mod called wildfire for jagged alliance 2.

The developers of the mod sent a offer to the publisher of jagged alliance who accepted their offer but then just abused the mod makers and never payed them their cut for making this stand alone expansion. To such extent that the mod makers became so mad they refused to make patches for still critical bugs in this game. Because they didnt get payed for their work. So basicly the community and the mod makers where screwed in this. I dont even think the big crash bugs they did fix made it into a patch, it was all hotfixes they hosted on their own site, a site that no longer exists.

http://www.ideal-games.com/news/20041108.aspx the statement from the developer on the matter, they said they did not get payed at all for the english version :(

Do not spend your money on this game as it will not go to the makers of the game, in stead make a donation to the 1.13 mod team of the real jagged alliance 2 game!.

Stay away from this game, corporate greed killed it and you can not support this behaviour.

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